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Philadelphia County

Can’t get enough of Philly: Philadelphia County, PA

Many of us knows that a good life equates to a happy life. With the growing number of stressors all of us face every day, trying to achieve some semblance of peace and happiness within ourselves becomes a difficult, if not impossible task. We all get overwhelmed and exhausted with the daily struggles in life that a beautiful and comfortable home is essential to make life bearable for all of us. When we say beautiful, it does not necessarily means expensive. It may connote to a livable and friendly neighborhood and community that fosters good relationships among family, neighbors and friends.

Philadelphia County, PA remains to be one of the most sought after place in the East coast. Life in the vibrant county of Philadelphia County, PA is ever alive and flowing. Despite being the second smallest county in the state of Pennsylvania, in terms of its land area, Philadelphia County, PA proves how in demand it is to homeowners and tourists by being the most populated county in the state, and the 8th in the entire United States. A total of 142.6 square miles comprises the county’s border, and several bodies of water can be found within its boundaries like the Delaware River, Schuykill River, Cobbs Creek, Wissahickon Creek and the Pennypack Creek. Its namesake Philadelphia City has been synonymous to Philadelphia County since it has been the county’s capital since 1854.

Philadelphia County, PA

Philadelphia County, PA Flag and Seal

philly flag philly seal

Several business enterprises promotes the sale of homes in Philadelphia County, PA. Either they make a living out of it, or just really has a deep love for the place, their efforts to make the sale also promotes all the wonderful places and things that is distinct to Philadelphia County,PA. The 30 incorporated districts, townships and boroughs in the area is enough to keep you busy planning on places to go and things to do in Philadelphia County, PA. There is a varied diversity in its over 1.5 million populace, with a mix of White Americans, African Americans, Asians, Native Americans, Pacific Islander and other minority groups make up the population of Philadelphia County, PA, in that particular order. Going through the reasons as to what makes Philadelphia County, PA special and stand out from the rest will take a while because there are countless reasons as to why it is indeed extraordinary. But before that, those people who are planning to buy a home for sale in Philadelphia County, PA would most likely need to know a bit of history on the humble beginnings of this densely populated and popular destination to appreciate more the Philadelphia County, PA that they have now.


Philadelphia County, PA was first inhabited by the Lenape Tribes. But in 1683, the first European settlers landed on shore in the form of the Swedes and the Finns. In 1681, the famed William Penn got the Charter for Pennsylvania from Charles II of England, which led to the division of the state into three counties the following year. Around that time, Philadelphia was also dubbed as the capital of the state of Pennsylvania. Penn initially envisioned Philadelphia, meaning brotherly love, to be a safe harbor for spiritual tolerance and freedom of expression, as based on the book of Revelation from the Holy Bible itself. Soon enough, major settlements and developments flourished both in the center of Philly, and then to the entire county. By then, a more formal form of leadership and government started to emerge and lead Philadelphia County, PA into fame and greatness, along with major improvements on its infrastructures and services like building better roads, transportation, police force, schools and other public offices and services. The mayor form of government has also been adapted, which is still practiced until now. Over time, the county of Philadelphia became more and more diverse in terms of race and ethnicity. Up to now, Philadelphia County, PA is popular among foreigners and has the fourth highest number of African Americans in the US.

Independence Hall

independence hall

Now, time to lighten things up. After all, Philadelphia County, PA is world renowned for being a fun place to go with so many attractions, both ancient and that of the present, to make sure that there are no idle times in Philly county.

First off, let’s go through the ever captivating and equally charming distinguished landmarks in Philadelphia County, PA that made it through the list of National Historic Landmarks in Philadelphia.

  • academy of music The Academy of Music at Broad and Locust Sts. was the previous home of the Philadelphia Orchestra and of the Pennsylvania Ballet and the Opera Company of Philadelphia as of the present, and it made it into the list in 1962. It is the esteemed oldest opera house in the US still performing what it was first originally meant to.
  • american philosophical society hall The American Philosophical Society Hall made it to the list in 1965 and was personally founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1743. Its revered early members included the likes of John Adams, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.
  • Arch St. Friends Meeting House The American Philosophical Society Hall made it to the list in 1965 and was personally founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1743. Its revered early members included the likes of John Adams, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.
  • Athenaeum The Athenaeum is a special collections library designed by John Nottman and was designated in 1976.
  • john bartram In 1960, John Bartram’s House, who was a colonial-era botanist, was designated into the list. It also happens to be the oldest functioning botanical garden in America.
  • boathouse row Boathouse Row is comprised of the celebrated row of boathouses along the Schuykill River, and is even the headquarters of the Schuykill navy. This place got included in the prestigious list in 1987.
  • carpenter's hall In April 15, 1970, this first Episcopal Church in the US was cited and included in the list.

Several other places made it and were included in the list of the National Historic Landmarks in Philadelphia like Christ Church, Cliveden, The College of Physicians of Philadelphia Building, Colonnial Germantown Historic District, Edward D. Cope House, Thomas Eakins House, Eastern State Penitentiary, First Bank of the United States, Fort Mifflin, Germantown Cricket Club, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper House, Hill-Keith-Physick House, Laurel Hill Cemetery, James Logan Home, Memorial Hall, Merchants’ Exchange Building, Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia City Hall, Philadelphia’s Masonic Temple, Edgar Allan Poe House, Race Street Meetinghouse, United States Naval Asylum and the USS Olympia among others. This extensive list of historic landmarks just goes to show how historically rich the county of Philadelphia is. Visiting these places is just like leafing through the pages of a history book, only in person.

Edgar Allan Poe House   USS Olympia

edgar uss olympia

The Edgar Allan Poe House offers free guided tours to visitors who wants to see the interior of the famous house, and its equally famous owner. Walking through the same floor and being under the same roof of the home of the brilliant mind of Edgar Allan Poe, one can only imagine the gifted and creative mind of the genius at work in his home.

The USS Olympia is a naval cruiser that was listed in 1964, for being the flagship of Commodore George Dewey’s Battle in the Manila Bay.

Cell Block at the Eastern State Penitentiary

cell block

The Eastern State Penitentiary offers both guided and self-guided audio tours, which provides interesting facts about the prison history and its policies. If you’re also in for some ghostly action, many people claim that those who were once locked up in this place still roam its vicinity.

Now, for some things even more interesting. There are still more suggestions on things to do when in Philadelphia County, PA. You’ll never run out of things to do here, which makes life for all those who decided to settle down here for good worth living each day.

At Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA, you can find the Independence Hall, the origin of America’s independence. It is the site where the constitution was created and the Declaration of Independence signed.

independence hall1

The Liberty Bell Center is a monumental symbol of American History and freedom. It must be on top of one’s list when they’re in Philly County.


The Independence National Historical Park will show you everything you’re looking for in a Philly throwback adventure. The 55-acre park has the most historic sites in the county, and a one-stop place for those wanting to see and experience the grandeur of American history.

national park

The Betsy Ross House should also be included in anyone’s list to see the abode of this talented artist. It is believed that she lived here when she sewed the first flag of the United States.


A tour on the United States Mint will show visitors how US coins are made. You can even see how the machines are running by looking through the windows at the top of the factory. This facility is high on security and even asks guests not to take pictures once inside its premises.

us mint

The Navy Yard is not all about naval stuff and history. Some people do go there for the food. Their cafeteria serves amazing dishes and the décor and service is just as great. But for some, it’s all about the big boats and ships, after all, it is the Naval Yard.

naval yard

For all those art lovers out there, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the biggest museums in America. It has a world class collection of around 227,000 art objects. Its main building attracts up to 800,000 people yearly.

art museum

The Franklin Institute in 222 North 20th St. Philadelphia, PA is a popular science museum and science education and research center in the entire Philadelphia area. This museum was founded in honor of the late Benjamin Franklin and his countless contributions in the field of Science. It is also one of the oldest of its kind in the US.

ben franklin

If you are in for some great time with your family, most especially your younger kids, a day at the Philadelphia Zoo is definitely worth it. You don’t only get to have fun inside a typical zoo, but in the first ever zoo in the United States of America. This 42 acre haven is home to over 1,300 various animals, some even endangered and nearing extinction, left in the care and guidance of the zoo.

zoo tiger

And one more activity for you and your kids at the Please Touch Museum. Children of all ages, especially those younger than seven, would surely be fascinated with all the interactive exhibits and events the museum has lined up all year round.They have several interactive attractions inside like Alice in Wonderland, Walking Piano, Space Station and so on.

please touch please touch2

There is something for everybody at the Reading Terminal Market. It would surely be a big hit for all those who wants fresh local produce at bargain prices.

reading reading2

They say that love makes the world go round, and love is definitely in the air at the LOVE Park Plaza. It got its name from the literal Love Sculpture made by Robert Indiana that can be found at its center. Many people like to take pictures, like selfies, in front of this charming work of art.

love2 love

I could actually go on and on citing all the amazing places and landmarks that can be found in Philadelphia County, PA. Sometimes, words are not enough to convey the significance and beauty of a certain place, and can only be genuinely appreciated once you see it in person. And I am also sure that going through these places built a big appetite in you, then you can start on another quest. A quest to find out which among the restaurants in Philadelphia County, PA will fill your tummy and emerge as the best. Another gastronomic adventure is surely waiting for you in one of the countless food destinations in the county.