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West Oak Lane

Wonders of West Oak Lane, Philadelphia


Philadelphia is home to distinct and vibrant communities that will not only make you want to go there, but to live there for long. The rich history of the state, along with its amazing architecture, will not only blow your mind but keep you wanting for more. And usually, some of the people who visits Philly end up buying a home there just to be a part of it all.

West Oak Lane, Philadelphia



The neighborhood of West Oak Lane, Philadelphia is situated at the northern part of Philly. It can be found at the southern edge of Cheltenham, PA, to the east of Cedarbrook, north of Belfield and to the west of East Oak Lane. This beautiful neighborhood of West Oak Lane, Philadelphia has been around since the 1920’s. Until the 1960’s, Whites or Caucasians was the predominant race in the place, but then overtaken by the growing populace of African Americans in the middle class. Not to be left out by other neighboring communities in the northern part of Philadelphia, West Oak Lane also boasts of its beautiful tree-lined streets to enhance the beauty of the classic houses built within its land. Transportation in this part of town is definitely made easier and more comfortable by the SEPTA transportation line, just like in any other part of Philly.

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Since 2003, West Oak Lane, Philadelphia has been known for its Jazz Festival held every mid of June. It is truly a celebration of the love for music, culture and the arts in a fun and party atmosphere. Get the chance to see your favorite bands and artists perform and sing along to their music. This is the perfect time of the year to go out and have fun while living your dream life in West Oak Lane, Philadelphia along with your family and friends.

West Oak Lane Jazz and Arts Festival

jazz jazz2


A good education is undoubtedly the ticket to a bright future, especially in a world that is becoming more global, competition is tough, so a strong and good foundation is essential to make it to the top. The schools in West Oak Lane, Philadelphia can take pride in having so many of their institutions being honored and cited by the National Register of Historic Places. Shaping the young minds, who are the future of our world, is not an easy task. These schools definitely know what they’re doing, and they are surely doing it right. John L. Kinsey School, Samuel W. Pennypacker School, William Rowen School and Gen. Louise Wagner Junior High School all made it to the prestigious list. Parents can truly be comforted by the fact that by living in West Oak Lane, Philadelphia, they were able to secure their kid’s future.

John L. Kinsey School                   Samuel W. Pennypacker School

kinsey samuel


Other notable and must see places in West Oaklane, Philadelphia are the Philadelphia National Cemetery and the Ogontz Hall, which also made it to the list of the National Register of Historic Places.

Ogontz Hall (residential and commercial landmark)

ogontz ogontz2


Some people wonder what other things you can do in West Oak Lane, Philadelphia. It also won’t be an issue because there are more than enough shopping destinations in the neighborhood. One of which is the Ogontz Plaza. You can shop ‘til you drop, or until you run out of cash or reach your credit limit in the numerous shops in the area around Ogontz Avenue. The Cheltenham Mall and the Cedarbrook Plaza is also only minutes away from West Oak Lane, Philadelphia, in case you want a change of scenery and shopping choices.

Ogontz Avenue

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Aside from the lively shopping district in West Oak Lane, Philadelphia, let us not all forget the shared mission it has along with East Oak Lane, in terms of exerting more efforts on going green and saving the environment. More homes for sale in West Oak Lane, Philadelphia are being sold every year because many people also want to become a part of this innovative change in the neighborhood. Come and visit West Oak Lane, Philadelphia soon and understand and experience in person the certain allure it has to everybody.