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Pine Valley

Unravel Pine Valley, Philadelphia


There may be little known or said about Pine Valley, Philadelphia, but that does not mean that there’s nothing left to do in the place. You can always go somewhere close by to experience something authentic to Philly and have a great and memorable time. Pine Valley, Philadelphia is a cozy neighborhood with White Americans making up most of the population, with males taking up the lead. And also, English is the sole language used in the neighborhood since almost all of its residents are certified blue-blooded Americans. Pine Valley also shares the same zip code as Bustleton, Philadelphia which is 19115.

Pine Valley, Philadelphia 19115

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There are always those people interested in buying properties in a place. It is interesting to note that there are only a few homes for sale in Pine Valley, Philadelphia that are being sold every year since most of its residents do not really own their homes, but just rent it. The average value of homes for sale in Pine Valley, Philadelphia is also just around the $200,000 range, but still most of the people prefer to rent mostly apartments. The people also place some relevance on the value of education even if they do not have any learning facility within their area. It is pretty obvious that no schools can be found in Pine Valley, Philadelphia, but still, a lot of the residents have finished high school, or even got a degree at most. Most of the parents send their kids to schools in neighboring areas to compensate for the lack of facility in their hometown.

The preferred means of transportation in Pine Valley, Philadelphia is by car. But this is still economical because the place is not that big so it is easier to navigate through the expanse of the community.

When asked if things to do when in Pine Valley, Philadelphia? You can always visit landmark like the Presidential Plaza, Harpers, or shopping centers like the Red Lion Shopping Center, Bel-air Shopping Center, and the Presidential Plaza Shopping Center. All these can be found within the 19115 zip code boundaries. There would never be any dull moment as long as you let yourself go with the flow and enjoy all that Pine Valley has to offer, be it to casual tourists or long term residents of the place.

Ambassador Center                                     Red Lion Shopping Center

ambassador center red lion

Belair Shopping Center



I know that parents would also like to know if where they can take their kids for a fun day out, playing and roughing it up. It is a good thing that there are parks situated in Pine Valley, Philadelphia 19115. There’s the Swenson Park and the Hayes Playground at Roosevelt Blvd., which is a great destination for families with smaller and younger kids in tow. You can spend hours playing with the youngsters, leaving them happy and worn-out after. Days spent in idle times like this can definitely paint a happy childhood for your children, and memories that they’ll always treasure in their lifetime.

After a long week, families can attend church service at several churches in the area like the Lehigh Church, Pennypack Baptist Church, Bethesda Church, Bustleton United Methodist among others. The sensitive balance in work and in life can surely be achieved when you live in Pine Valley, Philadelphia 19115.

Pennypack Baptist Church