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Explore Burholme, PA


Almost all of us have an adventurous streak in our veins. We hop from one place to another in search of our refuge, yet sometimes, we are also looking for something to make us feel alive. No need to make a big fuzz out of it when you’re in Pennsylvania. There are more than enough communities, townships and boroughs to make you feel comfortable and exhilarated at the same time.


For instance, the neighborhood of Burholme, PA in the northeast part of Philadelphia, is the best spot to settle down for good because it has the perfect balance of the good life all of us are yearning for. Burholme, PA has easy access to jobs and offices, schools, recreation and business, so that any resident need not make that much effort to get somewhere or to buy or do something. Comfort and convenience is usually a big factor of what people look for when they are checking out homes for sale in Burholme, PA. Since the early people to live here were Europeans, Burholme, PA is mostly the preferred residence of irish Americans, Polish, German, Jewish, Italians, Russians and still, more immigrants flock to this place as of the moment. Farming and the rise of several industries became the way of life in Burholme, PA in the past, and the prominence of these technologies stayed and flourished.

Burholme, PA


Burholme, PA is made more notable and just adjacent to the Burholme Park. This public park was a present from the last heir of the famous Ryerss Family of Pennsylvania. The Burholme Park is a must see attraction in Burholme, PA and is the perfect avenue to get physical for all the young blood and athletic enthusiasts in Philadelphia. It has a baseball, football and soccer fields. It even has a playground to keep the kids happy and entertained, and the large hill inside serves as a popular destination for those into sledding during the winter season. There is also a wooded section in the park which lives up to its name, meaning a house in a woodland setting. Burholme Park also has a mini gold/driving range for all golf enthusiasts. The golf center will answer all your golfing needs without you having to go far and spend much.

Burholme Park

park park2

Burholme Park Golf Center

golf2 golf

Schools are not just a way of life in other places, but schools are also big in Burholme, PA.  Another interesting and important place to check out is the Kennedy Crossan School, which is not your typical school. This legendary Gothic Revival inspired school made it to the National Register of Historic Places in 1988 and made its mark in the Burholme, PA history books.

Kennedy Crossan School



Aside from the school, the Ryerss Museum and Library is also a legacy to the beloved people of Burholme, PA. It has an extensive and diverse collection of works of art like paintings, sculpture, and other similar artifacts. It does not only enrich your mind, its mere presence uplifts the name Burholme, PA above others. The Ryerss’ Library also has the same wide array of collection of past and present literary pieces that can totally capture anybody’s attention for hours.

Ryerss’ Museum and Library



People make the decision in choosing the best place to be their next home by first making a thorough and refined search of places to their liking. Homes for sale in Burholme, PA are always considered over those in other areas because of the beauty of having everything close by. No need to head off somewhere far to carry out your daily tasks or get your family entertained because Burholme, PA has the answer to your family’s needs.