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It’s all about food in Cedarbrook, Philadelphia


When you talk about Cedarbrook in Philly County, make sure to be specific whether you are referring to Cedarbrook, PA, the one in Montgomey County, or the tree-lined neighborhood of Cedarbrook in the Philadelphia area. Most people who are searching for homes also do prefer to choose to live in Cedarbrook in Philadephia. Even with its northwestern location in the state, Cedarbrook still remains highly accessible to everything Philadelphia has to offer. A quick glimpse to this wonderful neighborhood can make anybody want to buy a home that is for sale in Cedarbrook, also partly because it has a lot of local attractions and the housing market is also quite stable.

Cedarbrook, Philadelphia

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Cedarbrook, Philadelphia has taken form to a somewhat rectangular shape because of the four prominent borders of the place. These are Cheltenham Avenue up north, Ivy Hill Road to the west (which mostly got its name from the cemetery and not vice-versa), Stenton Avenue to the south and Walnut Lane to the east.

Ivy Hill Cemetery


Having a good time in Cedarbrook, Philadelphia is always a blast when your tummy is full. There are loads of restaurants in Cedarbrook, Philadelphia to feed the multitude of ravishing people, and not just its certified residents. First off, the Royal’s Restaurant for an exciting and mouth-watering culinary experience. Not everybody can usually spot its location, but it is truly worth it to be able to dine here and satiate your taste buds. The service is amazing and the staff are friendly, and the generous helping of food is extraordinarily delicious. A memorable Jamaican experience would really stand out for the food staples like Jerk Chicken, Stew Chicken, the ever no fail Baked Mac N Cheese and other pasta, chicken patties, candied yams, even some Vegan ones, and the list goes on. One can definitely taste the love and care of the cooks at the Royal’s restaurant in Cedarbrook, PA through the food that they genuinely serve their valued customers. They even go the extra mile by making sure to remember the names of loyal patrons and make them feel more homey and cared for, and truly feel like a royal as their name connotes.

Royal’s Restaurant                                Oxtail with Mac N Cheese and Beans and Rice

royal royal2


Anybody would always resort to Pizza, or crave for it anytime of the day. Another nice spot to check is the perfect answer to your Italian streak and cravings. Cedarbrook Pizza offers the best pizza of all time, side orders, salads, Italian dinner, seafood platter, quesadillas and so on, and even takes the take-out option to a higher level. Aside from the usual phone reservations, you can also do it online, all for a minimum order of $7.00 and just an additional $1.50. Just how cool is that.

Cedarbrook Pizza


However, if you are expecting some company at your home in Cedarbrook, Philadelphia, you can do the cooking like a pro with the fresh ingredients you’ve bought from the Talk of the Town Food Market and Restaurant, or buy some take-outs from the place to save on time and energy. The oxtails is really great and delicious. One would be quite surprised at how good the food from the place taste like. After all, what makes a really lasting memory is having some good old friends along with equally great food. Living in Cedarbrook, Philadelphia has forever been changed by the presence of these establishments in town.