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Mount Airy

Be Mesmerized with Mount Airy, Philadelphia


The Northwest of Philly has been made more colorful, alive and festive by the charming and quaint neighborhood of Mouth Airy, Philadelphia. In a way, Mount Airy, Philadelphia shares the rich heritage of other neighboring communities up north with its keen interest in the culture and the arts, and fair share of landmarks that made it to the National Register of Historic Places. You can be familiar with the borders of the neighborhood by knowing that Mount Airy, Philadelphia’s border on the north is Cresheim Valley, the Wissahickon Gorge to the west, down south is Germantown and Stenton Avenue by the eastern section. The 19119 zip code mostly refers to the neighborhood of Mount Airy.

Mount Airy, Philadelphia


A glimpse at Mount Airy, Philadelphia of the past



Mount Airy, Philadelphia got its name from the building built in his estate by the famous businessman and former Pennysylvania Province Chief of Justice in the 1700’s. Over time, the area of Mount Airy, Philadelphia experienced several developments that paved way to its modern day look and appeal. Some of the luxurious and elegant Victorian houses of the late 19th and early 20th century, with its windows made with stained glass and slate roofs, can still be found along its ever visible tree lined streets.

homes streets

It is one of the more peaceful neighborhoods in the Philly area in terms of racial harmony, acceptance and balance. Oprah’s ‘O Magazine’ even recognized Mount Airy, Philadelphia as a well-blended neighborhood, as well as the US News and World Report. The SEPTA regional rail lines and bus lines are the best form of public transport in the neighborhood that can take you to other places in Philadelphia.

This SEPTA station even has a bookstore inside and is listed at the National Register of Historic Places



Before delving into some of the interesting and worth seeing attractions, and things to do in Mount Airy, Philadelphia, it is also worth mentioning the importance the neighborhood stresses on the education of their children. Both public and private schools operating in Mount Airy, Philadelphia emphasizes on the quality and accessibility of education to all their constituents. There is even a school facility for the deaf, the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. Speaking of being socially aware of the special needs of their specially impaired younger residents. Anybody who has bought a home for sale in Mount Airy, Philadelphia will not have to worry where to send their child to school because there is surely one just around the corner that will cater to students of all age brackets. There are even colleges and universities close to Mount Airy, Philadelphia so parents need not worry about the college education of their older kids, or having to send them somewhere far and doubly expensive.

Pennsylvania School for the Deaf

deaf deaf2


Arcadia University is one of the campuses that can be located near the vicinity of Mount Airy, Philadelphia. It is a vibrant campus just 4 miles away from Mount Airy and is an excellent alternative to dorm life on college campus that are extremely very far from home.

Arcadia University

arcadia arcadia2


More and more people decide to move and live in Mount Airy, Philadelphia because of the seemingly cultural revival sparked by affordable housing and generally safer streets compared to other parts of Philadelphia. Most commercial establishments in Mount Airy, Philadelphia can be found along Germantown Avenue and its cobblestoned streets. You can find shops of all kind that are selling all kinds of trinkets and goods, offices, bookstores, galleries, markets and restaurants in Mount Airy, Philadelphia among others.


The Sedgwick Theater has been around Mount Airy, Philadelphia since 1928 and is famous for its art deco style, and used to be a cultural center/ movie center in older times, but is now the home of a theater group.

Sedgwick Theater

sedgwickold sedgwick

No wonder that Mount Airy, Philadelphia made its mark as one of the best neighborhood in the US. It is a good sign that more and more homes for sale in Mount Airy, Philadelphia would be filled-up soon by future residents of this charming and lively community because of the certain spark that makes it stand out.