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East Oak Lane

East Oak Lane, Philadelphia


The Northern tip of Philadelphia is also home to some of world-renowned ancient architectures that has been perfectly preserved and maintained even until today. Some of these buildings and homes are more subtle and catches less attention, but nevertheless just as amazing and beautiful as those that made the National Register of Historic Places in other parts of Pennsylvania. East Oak Lane in Philadelphia is one such neighborhood in the north that reveals a lot of the usual Philadelphia row houses, but with the subtle presence of more elegant and older ones. East Oak Lane in Philadelphia is also known as a ‘green country town’ together with West Oak Lane, with their ingenious way of utilizing green space.

East Oak Lane, Philadelphia



East Oak Lane, Philadelphia was the site where William Penn first settled down in 1683. East Oak Lane is bordered by Cheltenham Avenue up north, Broad Street to the west, Godfrey Avenue down south and the Tacony Creek on the eastern side. On the farther east of East Oak Lane, the styles of the houses become more diverse and unique, making the place really worth a visit. It is even becoming more well-known as a racially diverse spot in Philly, showing that it welcomes migrants of all races to come visit, or even work and live for good in the place.


Over the length of Broad Street, around the area of 65th and 69th Avenue, are plenty of architectural landmark that will catch anyone’s attention. Chuck Connelly, the famous artist, painted some of the portraits on several of the houses along the street.

Chuck Connelly and his sample works of art on East Oak Lane, Philadelphia

chuck2 chuck


Chuck Connelly in action


Aside from the obvious rich history and influence of the culture and the arts in East Oak Lane, Philadelphia, education is also highly valued by both parents and the students. The most popular learning institution in the East Oak Lane area is the Ellwood School that firmly advocates and believes that all their students can learn and reach their full potential. They take pride in their teacher’s initiative and strategies to better teach their students, and the parent’s active participation in the learning of their children through constant communication with the teachers and by providing daily assistance to their kids in their lessons and homework.

Ellwood School

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On a lighter note, when we start talking about food, it can definitely put a smile on our faces. The mere mention of restaurants in or close to East Oak Lane, Philadelphia would want anybody to want to check it out and personally try the cuisines they serve. What better way to sample the culinary delights of a place than to go all out and go fine dining. The 10 Arts Bistro and Lounge at the Ritz Carlton Hotel is surely around that level. The exquisite dishes has a distinct local flavor that will keep patrons coming back for more. For something more rugged and outback, try APJ Texas Weiner with their old-timer hotdogs and burgers that would surely be everyone’s favorite. Meanwhile, McGillin’s Olde Ale House offers a wide variety of tastes like Traditional American staples, to burgers and sandwiches, with great pub food and a full bar to all those drinkers out there. The tavern has been around since 1860, making it the oldest well-maintained pub in the Philadelphia area. Over the years, countless souls have found refuge in its warm atmosphere, hearty dishes and ice cold drinks.

10 Arts Bistro and Lounge at the Ritz Carlton Hotel


APJ Texas Weiner


McGillin’s Olde Ale House


Having all these well-loved and seriously jaw dropping restaurants in the East Oak Lane, Philadelphia area would definitely attract not just tourists, but long term residents as well. Homes for sale in East Oak Lane, Philadelphia would surely be a big hit.