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A Vibrant Life in Bustleton, PA


The State of Pennsylvania is rich in the history and culture. Most of the towns in the state have significant landmarks proclaiming the rich heritage of the place, or the place itself has a long and influential history in the continued growth and rise of the state. For those of you who are considering of moving to the East Coast, it is definitely a good thing to narrow down your search of homes for sale in Bustleton, PA. You can immerse yourself and your family to the amazing architectures of the older days, but still have a firm grasp and exposure to the realities of modern living. Raising your kids and settling down with your family in this part of Philly will surely set your mind at peace for more quality years ahead for you and your family.

Bustleton, PA


Bustleton, PA has a long and rich history behind it. Located in the far northeast of the Philadelphia border, Bustleton, PA used to be a prosperous farming community. The Bustleton tavern was rumored to be the center of activity in the place in the distant past, even before the American Revolution came to life. Most of the farmers sell their goods to nearby mills and trading center with the use of their horse and carts on land, or loaded it on boats through the narrow streams and rivers. Bustleton, PA also showed early promise of growth and progress with the opening of the Bustleton Academy. Aside from that, it is also the abode of one of the earliest church in the US, now known as the Pennypack Baptist Church.

Pennypack Baptist Church                             Deed to the Bustleton Academy

church academy

Modern day life in Bustleton, PA is a bustling residential community that is also filled with major establishments and shops, which serves as a source of revenue for the community and the businessmen, creates job for the residents and provides leisure areas for those who have the time. Bustleton, PA welcomes people of all race and ethnicity as evidenced by the growing number of migrants seeking refuge in the place.  The US Census released the statistics on Bustleton, PA and revealed that almost 32,000 people are currently its official residents that is still mostly predominated by Whites. Travelling need not also be an issue when you are living in Bustleton, PA. The SEPTA line is at your disposal, be it by bus or train. You can surely catch one and get to your destination in little time and with no fuss at all. Anyone can surely go from one place to another in Philadelphia, or even in Pennsylvania, and get to visit all that the state has to offer without compromising your budget.

SEPTA West Trenton Line                               SEPTA Bus

seta train septa bus

For any family with kids in tow, living in a certain area should give them a convenient access to learning institutions. Schools in Bustleton, PA are more than plenty. Parents can definitely choose the best one for their kids, be it public or privately-owned. Anne Frank Elementary School is usually on top of the list for primary school aged children since it is pretty much near the Bustleton, PA area, and then they mostly opt to proceed at the C.C.A. Baldi Middle School right after. The schools that can be found in or around Bustleton, PA are all for younger school-goers, and no colleges or universities can be found within the vicinity.

Anne Frank Elementary School

anne1 anne2

C.C.A. Baldi Middle School

baldi1 baldi2

Places of leisure and fine or casual dining are all over the place, especially on the major crowded areas in Bustleton, PA like the Bustleton Avenue, Roosevelt Boulevard, Grant Avenue and Red Lion Road. Most of the restaurants and shops in Bustleton, PA can be found in these places. Nobody living in Bustleton, PA will ever suffer from boredom or hunger. Bustleton, PA is one place that will undoubtedly be considered by many to be an ideal place to set your roots.