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Simply can’t get enough of  Somerton, Philadelphia


They say that life is too short to stay in one place for good. We must all try our best to explore the world and see wonders we may never see again in our lifetime. Of course, travelling is always a good idea because it can teach you a lot of things you won’t normally learn at home, aside from the wonderful memories you can treasure for life. It’s a good thing that for some average Americans, travelling need not be expensive and you don’t have to travel a wide stretch of land, or even water, to go somewhere fun and exciting.


Somerton, Philadelphia



Pennsylvania happens to be one of the most interesting and vibrant state in the country. Travelling or living there allows you to experience a multitude of things, a mixture of the past and the present, in a lively and modern setting. Somerton, Philadelphia up north is one of the many neighborhoods that can be not just a good vacation destination, but a good spot to settle down as well. It is bordered by Red Lion Road down south, to the east is Roosevelt Boulevard, both Poquessing Creek and the East County Line Road can be found up north and then there’s the Montgomery County to the west. Life in Somerton, Philadelphia can be advantageous to you in so many ways. You are near major destinations and commercial centers, which is just a SEPTA ride away, yet you still get to be surrounded by so much history and grandeur that living there means so much more than just the amount you paid for the home for sale in Somerton, Philadelphia that you’ve bought. I am sure you would live in perfect solitude knowing that you are cradled in a majestic place that is accessible to many other areas in Philadelphia. As of the moment, a lot of foreign migrants, mostly Russians and Indians, are taking advantage of buying homes for sale in Somerton, Philadelphia and settles down there at a fast rate because they have seen just how good life can get there.

SEPTA Somerton Station



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Somerton, Philadelphia in itself is a buzz with all the communities nestled inside its boundaries. Charming subdivisions and homey communities like the Old Somerton, Londontown, Tudor Village, Lumar Park, Brentwood, Lorraine Gardens, Westwood, Philmont Heights, Camelot and Timberwalk can all be found within Somerton, Philadelphia. You can also goof around and unwind just like kids do at the Boyle Memorial Playground and have fun to your heart’s content. This will be a big hit to the kids, and even to you too.

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Boyle Memorial Playground


Aside from the usual inquiries on things to do in Somerton, Philadelphia, most first-timers in the place would usually be curious as to restaurants that can be found in Somerton, Philadelphia to dispel their hunger. And since Somerton is also one busy place filled with equally preoccupied residents, there are tons of restaurants in Somerton, Philadelphia to choose from. You can have whatever you want since there are a lot of varieties in the food they serve.

The Chaikhana Uzbekistan Restaurant is worth visiting if you’re into Russian and Middle Eastern dishes. The sumptuous and delicious food makes up for the cramped space in the restaurant. They also have outdoor seating if you want a breath of fresh air. If people are lined up, it could only mean one thing, they serve food that is worth the wait. Be more adventurous and try popular Russian and Uzbek staples when in Somerton, Philadelphia.

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Then, there’s those times when you’re craving for authentic Japanese favorites. You’d be thankful that you have the To-Yo Japanese Restaurant in the neighborhood. No need to travel far and wide to satiate your sushi or sashimi cravings when you can just go here in Somerton, Philadelphia. Aside from the fresh and good to the last one sushi, the staff are great and friendly too. No wonder that a lot of people keep coming back to this place.

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I’m sure there are a lot of other restaurants, fastfoods and diners to cater to the eating needs of those people visiting or living in Somerton, Philadelphia. Just feel free to visit all over town and you can surely find one that will satisfy your hunger in that instant.