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Homes for sale in Mount Airy Philadelphia 19050

Steve from KSK Properties talks about how Bill Hamberg & the www.PAHouseLink.com Team helped him make the right buying decision for a rehab property in Philadelphia.

Purchasing a Flip Property is not the same as your typical Real Estate transaction; special considerations must be made and while the TV shows make it look easy — IT ISN’T.

Bill started out as a Real Estate Investor and has developed several Investment Models that take the guess work out of which property to buy — call him directly at 267-388-3520 or send an email to ShowMeaFlip@PAHouseLink.com and ask him for a demo.

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Steve: How are you doing this is Steve from KSK Properties and we rehab properties in and around Philly. We’re moving up in the world and we’re getting ready to take over Montgomery County PA, lower Philadelphia, (ohh what the heck) North Philadelphia & West Philly too!

Bill Hamberg: and North East Philadelphia too

Steve: Northeast Philly as well!

Steve: I want to give a great big thank you to Bill Hamberg, Real Estate Investor Agent, he really helps us; A LOT. We had been through a ton of properties (and once we started working with Bill); his advice was unbelievable – and we are going to make a ton of money!! I can’t wait — big thank you Bill Hamberg & his Team!