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Short Sale Philadelphia 19151 Overbrook

Short Sale testimonial from Terri R., thanking the Meg & Bill Hamberg Team at PAHouseLink.com for helping her out of a bad situation and completing her short Sale Philadelphia.

From Terri R – Short Sale PHiladelphia Property, Overbrook PA 19151…

“Meg Hamberg and her team are AWESOME and KNOWLEDGEABLE at what they do.

I came to them like many people have had to in these hard economic times in need of selling my home as a short sell. As cumbersome and drawn out as the banks make this process Meg was right there every step of the way. Every road block that came up she was able to either knock down or find a way around it.

KUDOS to the Hamberg team, your services are greatly appreciated!!!” Terri R.

The overall Short Sale “climate” is loosening up considerably. Banks are getting easier to work with and the whole process is a lot less time consuming than it use to be. As long as you have a valid Hardship, banks are willing to work to get the Short Sale process complete.


Short Sale Philadelphia, Short Sale in PHiladelphia PA 19151

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