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Philly does it again…

So, where do you think the Philadelphia housing market ranked?

Every year around this time Realty Trac does a “holiday-themed” housing report; this year’s report looks at some of the best (Santa’s NICE list) and some of the worse (Santa’s NAUGHTY list) “Hoods” across the US.
For this year’s report, Realty Trac took and in-depth look at 330 plus cities across the whole US, with more than 100,000 residents, sifted through their school scores, crime rate stats,¬†unemployment & foreclosure rates and a few other, less-than-desirable statistics, to come up with the 2014 Naughty & Nice List!
Check out this infographic to see who will be getting the new BMW in the driveway or coal in their stocking.

Realty Trac Naughty & Nice list - PAHouseLink.com Philadelphia housing market