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Short Sale Homes for sale in Rhawnhurst Philadelphia 19152

Allyson & Jonathan describe their experiences with Bill Hamberg & the www.PAHouseLink.com Team in Short Selling their Rhawnhurst Philadelphia (19152) property.

NOTE: a Short Sale can occur when the homeowner owes more for the property than what its current, Fair Market, value is estimated to be and there is a hardship forcing the homeowner to move or relocate. Short Sale transactions can take months to coordinate and negotiate and require additional training and certification – while the PAHouseLink.com Team tries to make these Short Sale transactions as easy as possible, not all goes as well as this one did.


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Allyson: ok…we want to thank you guys (Bill Hamberg & Team) so much for helping us out with this, there’s really no way we could have done this on our own, and we really want to give special thanks to Allie for all of the hard work she did, because without her, none of this would have happened as smoothly as it did!

So thank you guys.

Bill: you are welcome and congratulations again.

Allyson: Thank you!

Bill Hamberg and the PAHouseLink Team specialize in Short Sale transactions; helping homeowners out of a bad situation — get more info at our website https://pahouselink.com/shortsales.

Bill has been in the Real Estate industry for 10+ years and started out as a Real Estate Investor. The whole https://pahouselink.com Team knows and understands, not only what it takes to get a Short Sale transaction done but more importantly what the homeowners are going through during this difficult time.

If you are in a bad situation and need to talk with someone about all possible options, give Bill Hamberg a call directly at 267-388-3520 ext. 10 or send an email to ShortSales@PAHouseLink.com — they are here to help!