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Homes for sale in Audubon PA 19403

Bruce & Nancy talk about their experience doing a Short Sale with the www.PAHouseLink.com Team.

Nancy: So you want us to just talk about our Short Sale transaction?

Bill Hamberg: Yes just tell everyone about your experience with the PAHouseLink Team.

Nancy: okay I’ll say Bill Hamberg hand held us through a really difficult process. He was a gentlemen throughout, Meg Hamberg was sweet, Allie and everybody was so helpful.

If I could tell a story; I’ll tell a quick story…

We were in a really difficult spot with our home and I prayed to God one night; I said God, I can’t do this anymore, please bring an answer to my door and the very next morning Bill Hamberg knocked on my door.

So whether or not he wants to hear it or not, we’ve looked at Bill as a true blessing and we appreciate all he’s done for us and thank you kindly, for all you’ve done for us — thank you Bill.

Bill Hamberg: wooo whoo — thank you! You guys were great as well.