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Here is a link to the public records and Montgomery County information (PDF) – Philadelphia PA 19138


Philadelphia PA 19138

2049 E Chelten Ave Philadelphia PA 19138 | Coming Soon Foreclosures in Philadelphia, PA
4 Bedroom – 1 Bathroom 2-Story Rowhome

Hello and welcome to a PAHouseLink.com video walkthrough. My name is Steve and today we’ll be taking the first look at one of our coming soon foreclosures in Philadelphia, PA.

For today’s video we are heading out to 2049 E Chelten Ave Philadelphia PA 19138. This 2-story rowhome features 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, as well a storefront that has a basement under it. The properties total square footage is 2,138, while the building itself is 1,952.

This one is going to need a complete overhaul inside and out. Every room in the house and storefront is in complete disrepair, including a leaking ceiling and crumbling walls. On top of that there is no electric or plumbing in the building. This is not a DIY property and will most likely need to be evaluated for safety reasons.

One more note before we start the tour; this is a coming soon video. That means the property has not yet been listed and is often times filled with junk. In this case it’s a complete mess, but our clean-up crew will make it look as good as possible. If you’re interested in what you see in this video please keep an eye out for our follow up listing video.

With that we can start the tour…

Beginning outside we take a look at the storefront and the surrounding neighborhood.

Heading into the store we get a good look at how bad the interior is. Heading through a doorway at the back we come into a small hallway. On our left is a walk-in fridge/freezer unit. Straight ahead takes us to the basement. Turning around there is another set of stairs leading further into the basement and taking us under the store.

Back outside, we head around the left of the store and down the alley. Up the stairs on the right we arrive at the living portion of the property. Through the front door we enter the living room. On the right is the walk-in we saw earlier. To the left we head back into the kitchen. Further back we come to the rear entrance hall.

Time to head up to the second floor. Straight ahead is bedroom 1. Heading down the hall we come to bedroom 2. In the middle of this floor is the full bathroom. Here we have bedroom 3. And our last stop is bedroom 4 at the end of the hall.

That’s all for our tour of 2049 E Chelten Ave Philadelphia PA 19138.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a showing then please give us a call at (267) 388-3520, or email us at team@pahouselink.com and we’ll get you taken care of.

Thank you for joining me on this video walkthrough and be sure to check out our other properties right

That’s our walk through video of 2049 E Chelten Ave Philadelphia PA 19138.

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Philadelphia PA 19138