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The Easiest Investment to a Rich Life in Rockledge, PA



If you are looking for a beautiful place to live in, Rockledge, PA is the best choice for you and your family. And if you are also looking for a lot of opportunities where you can make money as your investment, Rockledge, PA is still definitely the best place for you!

Rockledge, PA


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Buildings and Properties in Rockledge, PA


One of the best properties and prices to buy is right here. It is primarily located in Huntingdon Pike in Rockledge, PA 19046. This district is what they call the “Highway Business Zone”. You may use it to house retail stores, an apartment or even an office. The most popular house- built and what they currently use is a Duplex home. This consists of two divisions. One division is a bedroom apartment with a divider for gas service, hot heaters and electric service. This is very affordable for tenants because you will only be paying $ 1,403 as your rental every month.  It is also very accessible to all places. There are 28 bus stops in routes and even a SEPTA station.


Schools in Rockledge, PA


There are high caliber schools nearby Rockledge, PA as well. Rydal East School is rated 10 out of 10 based on the data of GreatSchools.org. It is a highly test oriented way of instructions. This school is a public and the finest elementary school, and you will have a very positive experience when it comes to children who are high achievers. This school is well known for its good teachers, having a good curriculum and providing a great education! You will never regret sending your children here because this school has lots of extra-curricular activities and a great arts program with friendly staff. Elkins Park School can be found in Rockledge, PA too. It is a public middle school system with great teachers, where the majority of teachers go out of their way to meet individual needs of their students and provide high quality of education to prepare them for a bright future ahead of them.

Elkins Park School



Restaurants in Rockledge, PA


There are also lots of choices if you are going to talk about great menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner while in Rockledge, PA. You can always pick either an American, Traditional or Asian Fusion menus. French toast is in a perfect golden hue for you to eat, or perhaps two pancakes as big as your plate and fluffy, in “Our Family Cafe. There is also a known great local bar,“Breen’s”, which is found in this place too.  It has the cheapest and most reasonable price for drinks, like their “Extra Dry Martini”, which is rare and their bartenders really know how to make one. You will also notice the place is decorated and very neat looking with their tin ceiling. You can also go out with your friends for a karaoke and this bar has a very friendly atmosphere and smoke friendly too.

Our Family Café

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Isn’t it a good investment and a good place to stay in Rockledge, PA? You will be living in a fine neighborhood with plenty of opportunities and even provide high quality of education to your kids. Investing in buying a home for sale in Rockledge, PA and ending up living there is truly to your advantage and delight.