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Montgomery County | Jenkintown

Authentic Jenkintown, PA

Jenkintown 19046 Montgomery, is the oldest borough in Montgomery County. Being the oldest, it contains many historical landmarks and secrets. It is a borough that is located in Pennsylvania and is located north of downtown Philadelphia. The community was named after the first settler of the place, William Jenkins and is mostly a residential community. The district is properly divided into two, a business area and a residential area. The residential area is mainly characterized with large single-detached houses mixed with row houses, duplex type houses and single-family residences. You can find educational institutions for the children and youth in the community at the center of the residential area. These are the Jenkintown Elementary School and the Jenkintown High School. Aside from public schools, there are also several private schools that offer education for the children. The community has a city manager form of government with a mayor and twelve-member borough council.

Jenkintown, PA

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If you prefer to live in a community where you can find peace and harmony, then Jenkintown, PA is the place for you. It may be a small town, but it offers everything that a simple person needs. In this community, the residential area is just distance away from the residential area but nevertheless, the hustle and bustle of the business area could not affect the peace and silence in the residential area.

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Aside from that, it offers many historical landmarks that will unleash the historian in you. They have the Hiway Theater at 212 York Road that is the historic home of the independent cinema in the heart of Jenkintown, PA. It has passed and gone through many changes yet it still continues to stand for almost one hundred years already. Jenkintown, PA also has Abington Art Center at 515 Meetinghouse Road which hosts festivals, concerts and many more events embodies the nature, so people can relax and enjoy all the scene it has to offer. And of course, you cannot miss the Sculpture Garden that is still located in Abington Art Center. In their efforts to raise environmental awareness through the arts is the reason why the sculpture garden is created. It offers several activities that bird lovers, families, friends and children can enjoy.

Hiway Theater

Hiway Theatre inside hiway

Abington Art Center


“Forest Murmurs” by Thomas Vance

Forest Murmurs by Thomas Vance get art


Sculpture Park at the Abington Art Center

sculpture1 sculpture park

Aside from its strong environmental awareness, Jenkintown offers a healthy kind of dining. Most restaurants in Jenkintown, PA offer natural food and home grown fruits and vegetables. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians would surely enjoy the healthy dining experience that the community has to offer. The community is also known for the Whole Food Market that is located in their business area at 1575 the Fairway. The Whole Food Market offers organic products, meat that are of excellent quality, seafood and other healthy kinds of food which will not only sustain and fuel your body but nourish it as well.

Whole Food Market

Wholefoods fruits Produce

Jenkintown,PA is more than just a historical site. It is a community which promotes environmental awareness and healthy living as well. The community is peaceful and harmonious. Everything that you want in a home is already here. You should settle in this kind of places because other areas are so polluted and no longer suitable for living, especially for building a family and raising children. So pack your bags and move here! There are a lot of homes for sale in Jenkintown, PA, so you can be sure of having various choices before you finally make the big move.