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Montgomery County | Jeffersonville

A Better Life at Jeffersonville, PA

Are you deciding to move out of your town and settle in a better area? If you are, then better check out Jeffersonville, PA! It is an area in Philadelphia that is rich in artistic appreciation and love for education. Choosing this place would mean more benefits for you, since it is very favorable in terms of location, employment, foods and of course, education.

Jeffersonville, PA

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Educating your Children in Jeffersonville, PA


When you have kids, you would always want what is best for them. Their needs will always be your top priority; which is why when you choose to live in a new place, you should know what that place can offer to your children’s learning. The young ones do not only need food, clothing and shelter, but also a high standard education. It has been proven that educating a child well at a young age will be more effective for them since kids naturally have inquisitive minds. They tend to retain what they learn in the early years, and forms as the foundation of their young minds.


Schools in Jeffersonville, PA will surely make up your mind about this particular aspect. They have high rating schools where you can send your kids to without worrying about the things that they do once they are out of your sight. One of the known schools nearby Jeffersonville, PA is the Jefferson County Day School. It has a curriculum that welcomes pre-schoolers up to children at the age fit for kindergarten. What is best about their facility is the fact that they also accept infant caring. So, if you are a busy professional and you need to go somewhere but cannot find a place to leave your child, then you can leave your adorable baby in the Jeffersonville County Day School in Jeffersonville, PA and they’ll gladly take care of him for you. Your life and work commitments can go on without having to worry about the welfare of your child. Not only that, your child will have a great time too with all the activities and attention he’ll get from there.

Jeffersonville Country Day School

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Restaurants in Jeffersonville, PA


Food, or should I say, food availability and choices is basically one of the main concerns when moving into a new place. People want to live somewhere that has the best food, which are also affordable. Restaurants in Jeffersonville, PA give you the whole package. They all have delectable foods that your palate will surely feast on. One of the newest restaurants around the Jeffersonville, PA area is the Jeffersonville Diner. It offers healthy and delectable treats at reasonable prices. Most people would say that they really do have good pub food. And then, there is also the Golden Key Chinese Restaurant at 2458 West Main St. B Ridge Pike, which has been around since 1989, and offers the best authentic Chinese dishes and leaves a lasting memory to all its diners.

Jeffersonville Diner                                Salad Bar

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Golden Key Chinese Restaurant

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Fun and Leisure in Jeffersonville, PA


Spending time with your family or your friends is a very basic thing to do especially if you have a well-rounded life. This is usually the kind of thing that strengthens the bond of people. Playing golf is one of the most popular things to do in Jeffersonville, PA. They have golf courses and high standard amenities that you and your loved ones will surely enjoy. So, if you have nothing to do during the weekend, you can opt to join the Jeffersonville Golf Club; which is one of the best recreational areas in Jeffersonville, PA. They have a lot of benefits for their members and you will truly enjoy what the club can offer. The nearby Norristown Farm Park and Elmwood Park Zoo is also a great destination for families with kids. Communing with nature and getting in touch with your inner self and your family has been made more accessible and fun with these two parks around.

Jeffersonville Golf Club