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Montgomery County | Flourtown

Why Flourtown is more than just about Flour?

To reduce Flourtown, PA univocally to its designation of a town is definitely a misnomer; although, the formulation of its nominal origin came about by the production of flour with its historical local mills. Contrary to what it may appear as agrarian in nature, the place is census-designated, meaning that it is bound by the demographic and statistical delineation of data by the Census Bureau. This further means that its urbanity is more than its surrounding towns, Erdenheim, for example. It can be statistically measured since it has, ironically with its urban status, a definitive population concentration in terms of residency. It is in this statistical measurability that we dispel the seemingly stereotype of its being just a flour-town, a playful way to put its metaphorical agricultural connotation with its name.

Flourtown, PA

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In hopes of not discouraging the place not to be lived in but of persuading, at the very least, that the place is worthy of its residential status than the surrounding places, the numbers and data analysis of Flourtown, PA might just convince that it is and perhaps maybe the place one is looking for. There are more than enough homes for sale in Flourtown, PA to meet the growing demands of the public who are looking for the perfect new home.



Black Horse Inn is a historic tavern in Flourtown, PA that was recently restored.

Black Horse inn

Amenities for Food and Recreation in Flourtown, PA


First of all, in terms of facilities, within the circumference of at least a mile drive, there are 9 grocery stores, 20 Food and Beverage stalls or establishments, 20 shopping centers, 2 Coffee shops, 20 schools, 2 parks, 2 libraries, 3 entertainment areas, 18 public transits, and a fitness facility. It is no surprise Flourtown’s cost of living is 33.5% greater than the Pennsylvania average and 33% greater than the national average. But even so, and here is a great plus for the place, Flourtown’s crime rate is low deeming it safer, for 96.1%, than, any place in Pennsylvania, which means that in every 206 person who might be a victim of crime, only 1 is affected. What also keeps this place safe from fires is the Flourtown Fire Company, extending its anti-arson security to Erdenheim, Oreland and Wyndmoor.

Flourtown Fire Company

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There are three restaurants popular in the place, Bella Maria’s pizzeria & Italian restaurant at 808 Bethlehem Pike, Mister P Pizza and Pasta, and Halligan’s Pub. “Pizza again, but hey, there’s always the pub and all!” For recreation areas, one must not miss to highlight the Flourtown Country Club, having the largest facility of the place, and is open for golf and swimming activities, as well as for banquets. And oh, lest it be left unsaid, the Bysher Fields in Flourtown, PA is the home of the local softball and baseball games.


Bella Maria’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant                                Mr. P Pizza and Pasta

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Halligan’s Pub

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School Statistics in Flourtown, PA


Second, regarding the education, one can take note of the focus teachers can give to the students in Flourtown, PA. In every 14 students, there is 1 teacher, compared to the average national statistic of having 16 students for every teacher. There is a single public school for elementary, the Springfield Township Elementary School-Erdenheim, ranking 7th in test rating and 4 private schools for the next stages, although St. Genevieve, a private school, also accommodates elementary education. The Mount St. Joseph Academy is the only high school in the place. But there’s a catch, this private academy, known in its commonplace name as The Mount, is an all-female Catholic school; so one would have to see nearby secondary school as in the Springfield Township High School.


Mount St. Joseph Academy

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