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Enjoy a Blissful Life in Wyncote, PA

Imagine yourself relocating to a new place after you have done the necessary research and paperwork, along with a good chunk of your money, only to find out that you are moving in and bringing your family to a dangerous neighborhood where you would never be able to sleep soundly at night. Sure, you could always sell it back but it would be too much of a hassle on your end. If you had only done your research well, that inconvenience could have been easily avoided. If you had only done the necessary and proper research, you could have easily found the perfect home in Wyncote, PA instead, a census-designated place that is part of the Delaware Valley.

Wyncote, PA

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Moving in Wyncote, PA means moving in to a place where more than half of the household are married couples, a place where less than three percent of the population is living below the poverty line, and lastly, a place that has historical value. You could see for yourself that there are a good number of homes in the Victorian era that have been restored in Wyncote, PA because it is featured in the Wyncote Historic District. Who knows, you might find a fully restored Victorian-era house for yourself. There’s also no problem when it comes to finding a school for your kid if you need to, because you have plenty of options like Ancillae Assumpta Academy at 2025 Church Road, Wyncote Elementary School at 333 Rices Mill Road, Cedarbrook Middle School at 300 Longfellow Road, and Wyncote Academy at 7920 Washington Lane, to name a few.

Restored Late Victorian Era home    Historic District Sign Post

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Wyncote Elementary School             Ancillae Assumpta Academy

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Cedarbrook Middle School               Wyncote Academy

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Like they say, all work and no play makes life dull. To have fun and a great time in Wyncote, PA, you could always eat out with family and friends, or spend some time out at the malls, or even take a walk in the park. Head out to Cedarbrook Plaza Shopping Center at 1000 South Easton Road Wyncote, PA to do some shopping. After a day at the mall, you may want to just relax and eat out. You might find yourself craving for some Italian cuisine. If that’s what you want, there’s plenty to choose from like Bella’s Pizza at 835 Glenside Ave. and Fresca Pizza at 1000 Easton Road. Craving for Chinese? New Star Chinese Restaurant at 835 Glenside Ave. would also be a good spot to check out. There are plenty of choices for you. All you need to know is what food you are craving for and you can usually find a spot or two of restaurants offering that cuisine in Wyncote, PA. After work or after school, when you have nothing to do and you just want to relax during the weekends or work off days, you could visit Curtis Arboretum at 1250 Church Road to see the ponds and its historic hall. For dog lovers, you would have no problem bringing your dog without a leash at Curtis Park Dog Park. Set in an arboretum, this is a lovely place with plenty of room for your dog to run around and to play with other dogs. They are free to roam to their heart’s content in this park in Wyncote, PA.

Cedarbrook Plaza Shopping Center   Fresca Pizza

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Curtis Arboretum

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There’s plenty more worth discovering in Wyncote, PA. So, go ahead and look over all your options and you will surely come across what is most suitable for you and your family, an option that is definitely worth investing in. Just make sure that you do your research well and go over the listings without overlooking anything to find the perfect home that is for sale in Wyncote, PA to be your next place of residence. You can live in perfect bliss in Wyncote, PA and your family will thank you for that.

Robinson Park at Greenwod Avenue, Wyncote, PA

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