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Montgomery County | Upper Gwynedd

Upper Gwynedd, PA: A First Class Location in Pennsylvania

Moving can be less stressful if you can only find the perfect house from the best location. Among all townships in Pennsylvania, Upper Gwynedd, PA is said to be one of the best choices for settlement. Are you wondering why? Then, be enlightened in a series of facts below.

Upper Gwynedd, PA

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Upper Gwynedd, PA: Renowned Township


Upper Gwynedd, PA was first established in the year 1891. It was acknowledged as a first class township in 1963; even today, it is still considered as such. You would be very lucky if you live here in Upper Gwynedd, PA because it is near the central city of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. This trademark comes from the First- Class Township Code that plans the frameworks and entrusted powers granted by the government of Pennsylvania. It is certainly a prime area to reside; which is why you shouldn’t hesitate to buy a property in the vicinity of Upper Gwynedd, PA.


The township’s Victorian inspired Gazebo as a memento of their   centenial celebration


Upper Gwynedd, PA Wildlife and its Recreations


Upper Gwynedd, PA is popular for its beautiful sceneries. You can hear the sound and witness the beauty of nature that runs through an open space township protected area called “Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve”. Not only is it economically developed, but the place promotes a variety of eco-friendly benefits that support recreational prospects to create greenways and support natural water system functions. The habitation has a variety of wildlife territories including ponds, wildflower fields and lush forests. It is indeed an enchanting place that encompasses 240 acres of land reserve. You are free to visit and explore the grounds of Swedesford Road and Green Ribbon trails along the creek since it is open to everybody during the day.

Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve

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The Park-Sci Playground at the Parkside Place


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The Park-Sci playground has everything to keep your kids busy and let their imaginations run wild. They can play all day long with the various amenities in the park while the adults can relax while overseeing their kids having the time of their lives. We are all kids by heart, therefore, living in Upper Gwynedd, PA has definitely been up several notches higher because of the quality of life its residents experience through facilities like this, which is also a good way to promote homes for sale in Upper Gwynedd, PA for prospective buyers and future residents.


Education in Gwynedd, PA


Schools in Gwynedd, PA is the first stepping stone of learning in Gwynedd, PA.  Gwynedd Square Elementary School is one of the most prominent school in Gwynedd, PA. It is a public school from Grade K-6 with approximately 572 students enrolled, having the ratio of 15 students to one teacher. This means that the teachers can certainly guide their students to increase their knowledge and learning, so they will also be able to socialize with other students; which makes it an advantage for you and your child in the long run.

Gwynedd Square Elementary School

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Accommodating people and delectable food in Upper Gwynedd, PA


There is also a nearby charming café located in an old train station that used to be a ticket stand in the county that offers cookie Dough French Toast in an affordable price. You will surely love it and you will come back for more once you have tried the taste of Hungry Bear Cafe. Their Herb roasted chicken is very attractive since it is made with saffron risotto and it is one of the best dishes in their menu. The cafe has a very excellent service, good ambiance and very satisfying food.

Hungry Bear Café

bear hungry1


You may also consider coming to Forest & Main Brewing Company, which is located near Upper Gwynedd, PA, is where you can find the best bacon popcorn ever served in the vicinity of Philly. The company also includes serving zucchini fries that are incredibly sunlit and crispy. Most of the regular customers love this. Not only can you take reservations through phone, but you can also get very big discounts with freebies.

Forest & Main Brewing Company