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Discover Richboro, PA


When people want to move in to a new place, they always look for the opportunity to progress in life. The next thing they consider is the cost of living and the potential of the city to be more productive. They also ask questions about what the place can offer to them that can be beneficial on their part. A lot of considerations must be made, and also, with the vast options that they have, they tend to choose somewhere that has the best feedback from the rest.

Richboro, PA

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If you are wondering why you should choose Richboro, PA, then here are some of the facts that you need to know in order to show you why it must be at the top of your list. Richboro, PA is one of the fastest growing towns in Pennsylvania. Although their population decreased by 8.30 percent since 2000, their job market increased by 1.44.percent. With this statistic, it only means that their economic status is increasing and there are people actually investing in various business ventures. The cost of living in Richboro, PA is also much higher compared to the U.S average by 45.80%. However, even with this larger sum for living costs, the community focuses on education and preserving the quality of life that they have. The rich history of Richboro, PA made it also the home to several attractions that made it to the National Register of Historic Places such as the Hampton Hill, John Thompson House, Twin Trees Farm and the Willow Mill Complex.

John Thompson House                            Willow Mill Complex

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Homes for Sale in Richboro, PA


Living in Richboro, PA is totally a different experience compared to other areas in Pennsylvania. The choices of houses may vary on the lifestyle of a person, as well as the budget. For starters, you can choose from different apartments that you can temporarily rent. There are apartments that are less than a $1000 a month to help you save on cash. However, if you are moving in with your family, there are also plenty of houses to choose from depending on the number of your household.



Things to do in Richboro, PA


Fun is what every people needs from time to time. There are plenty of enjoyable things to do in Richboro, PA which you and your family can be a part of. If you have a fit and active family, this place will be a haven for you. What with the Northampton Township Parks and Recreation, Northampton Recreation Center, Richboro Swim Club, Northampton Tennis Fitness Club and the Northampton Valley Country Club within the Richboro, PA area to keep you busy and preoccupied. These establishments have the facility and amenities any outdoorsy and athletic individuals are looking for to have a good time like parks baseball fields, walking paths, recreation center, swimming pools and tennis courts among the likes. Surely there will be no dull moment in Richboro, PA when you can jump from one place to another during your free time or during the weekend.

Northampton Township Parks and Recreation

field meadow park recreation center



Restaurants in Richboro, PA


Restaurants are a good way to enjoy new places. There are plenty of restaurants in Richboro, PA that you can choose from for any given occasion. Among the most popular restaurants in Richboro, PA are UVA Ristorante Italiano at 1040 2nd Street Pike, Taormanna’s Pizza and Pasta at 130 Almshouse Road, Original Dominick’s Pizza at 1045 2nd Street Pike, and Ristorante Denicola, which all serve Italian cuisines. Although the most reputable ones mostly serves Italian food, they also have other restaurants that serve other cuisines. They have Chinese eateries, seafood, steakhouse and American restaurants. Moreover, Richboro, PA has a restaurant that caters to different dining options, whether you want lunch or late night dinners. There are also those establishments which accept reservations for special occasions.

UVA Ristorante Italiano

uva uva2


Taormanna’s Pizza and Pasta               Chicken Parmesan

taorminas2 taorminas


Original Dominicks’ Pizza

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Ristorante Denicola

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