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Start a Good Life in Furlong, PA


Live in Furlong, PA, the place that you have been waiting for so long. This township is a quite a nice suburban, semi-rural area located east in Pennsylvania, as an unincorporated community of the Bucks County. If you are a farm kind of person, or someone just into nature and animals, then this area in Furlong, PA is perfect for you, since this is surrounded by huge farmland with a lot of cattle and horses. You can be perfectly happy in this township where you can purchase larger lot sizes and have lower taxes, which is half of what the neighboring city taxes are. You get independence from the municipal agencies and freedom to do what you want to with your properties. In addition, this area is a peaceful place since this is far from crowded areas and also has a very low crime rate, and with good schools too.  Everything you could ever need or want is just close by.

Furlong, PA

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The most important thing that a family could ever treasure is good education. There are two school districts that covers Furlong, PA, thirty eight public schools, three private schools and fourteen public libraries. Residents can choose on the varieties of schools in Furlong, PA. These facilities can enhance the knowledge of each community member and prepare them for a better life ahead. The most accessible public school is the Holicong Middle School, which is 3.7 miles away from Furlong, and has 1,192 enrolled students. If you want your child to be prioritized, Furlong, PA also has a private school, the Montessori Development Center, which only has twenty-four students and a student-ratio of 6 to one teacher. You can also choose from other private schools near the unincorporated community, The Goddard School, which is 3.4 miles from Furlong, and Time for Tots which is 2.4 miles away too.

Montessori Development Center


This community also serves great variety of food. The two best restaurants in Furlong, PA are the Back to the 50’s Diner and Rita’s Italian Ice at 790 Edison Furlong Road. The Back to the 50’s at 800 Edison Furlong Road, Furlong, PA gives the people the throwback vibe while serving homemade food with nice and attentive service. Also, Rita’s Italian Ice gives you great quality Italian ices and custard with a consistent taste.

Back to the 50’s Diner

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Rita’s Italian Ice

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There are a lot of nice sports and recreational sites in Furlong, PA that will help you enjoy the modern comfort of living. Yoga Ogden are for the health conscious that offers medical and health services that will let the people experience total rejuvenation. Cornerkids Cornerstone are for the kids of the area that offers fun programs that focuses on play and fitness. Wicen’s Shooting Range and Learning Center is one of the sports and recreation site that Furlong, PA offers that promotes safe firearm handling skills and educate each with the right discipline.

Yoga Ogden                                                         Cornerkids Cornerstone

yoga cornerstone


Wicen’s Shooting Range and Learning Center



This place is a convenient and well-situated community that is near to tourists’ favorites like New Hope in Princeton New Jersey and Doylestown, PA, which is known as famous for the Arts or Sculpture because of the a numerous antique shops present in the area.


Furlong, PA is not just about the good place, but the good people living within. The residents of the community are mostly professionals working on different established corporations or have a lot of private businesses. Experience the joy of living and build memories together with your new neighbors and buy the next home for sale in Furlong, PA.