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Chalfont, PA

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Looking for a new home is hard work. There are so many factors to consider, such as location, cost, size, proximity to entertainment, and for those of us with kids, you want a good school district as well. But don’t worry! There are homes for sale in Chalfont, PA, and at least one of them is guaranteed to have all of the factors you desire and then some.

A farm in Chalfont, PA                           Chalfont, PA Station

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A proper education for your children is a must when searching for a new home. Within the Central Bucks school district in Chalfont, PA, there is the Simon Butler Elementary School as well as the Unami Middle School. There are plenty of options for parents with four Chalfont elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, and for the toddlers, there are 16 preschool schools.

Simon Butler Elementary School


Unami Middle School



When you want to get out and have a good time, Chalfont, PA has you covered. For baked goods, there’s the Tabora Farm and Orchard. If you’re looking for something more Japanese, you could head down to Hachi Japanese Restaurant and be amazed by their menu and their service. For good food and entertainment, you could head over to Borghi’s, which features regular shows and events. For something a little more down South, there’s Tu Casa Hispanic and American Family Restaurant and Los Sarapes Authentic Mexican Restaurant and Villa Tequila Bar to name a few authentic Mexican restaurants that can be found in Chalfont, PA.

Tabora Farm and Orchard   Hachi Japanese Restaurant                  Borghis

tabora hachi borghis


Tu Casa Hispanic and American Family Restaurant     Los Sarapes

tucasa                   los sarapes


There are plenty of sites and sights in Chalfont, PA, both during the day and at night. For the kids, take them to a jumping good time at Pump It Up, where they have massive inflatables to bounce out all that energy. Aside from the kids, adults can burn off their energy along with their unwanted calories at the Philadelphia Sports Clubs at 1 Highpoint Drive, Chalfont, PA. But if you would rather just be one with nature and relax, there’s the Krupp Park which has a very scenic ambiance and is in fact a perfect venue not only for family outings, but for concerts and weddings as well, and is centrally located on Main Street directly behind the Borough building. With all this and more, Chalfont, PA is sure to have a home that fills all of your and your families needs!

Philadelphia Sports Clubs                                                                                     Krupp Park

PSC krupp1


The Aark Foundation Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in Chalfont, PA