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Living the Warwick’s Way


A safe place, that’s how Warwick, PA is called and considered by many. Even though it doesn’t suggest war or any other act of violence, it boils down on Warwick, PA being a peaceful place in the extreme southeastern part of the state. Warwick, PA has been named after a county in early Central England, where some Presbyterian Scottish Irish lived in the seventeen hundreds. Although it is from an English country, some of the residents are from foreign lands who already built lasting relationships and connection to the people of other neighboring towns in Pennsylvania. This land was also formerly known as Middlebury.  It covers a total of more than eleven square miles of lot area and is home to around fourteen thousand people, about ninety percent of which are white, about ten percent Asian, Black or African Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanic or of Latino descent.

Warwick, PA


The economy in Warwick, PA continues to grow due to its community. With the enhancement of technology and cyber strategies, the land is already filled with closed circuit cameras so they can easily prevent a crime from happening through the use of the internet. You can be assured that your security and protection is of the outmost priority. You can also visit parks or golf clubs like the Neshaminy Public Golf Course, which is located at Almshouse Road in nearby Richboro, with fields, ponds and playgrounds for your children while the adults, specifically the dads are having a great time playing golf. Museums are also at the heart of this town since they have the most number of nearby venues that display artifacts, such as the Bucks County Civil War Library and Museum and James A. Michener Art Museum, located in Doylestown, PA and the Hicks Art Center Gallery, which is in Newtown, which are all located north and close to Warwick, PA.

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Recreation in Warwick, PA is very diverse and plenty. The Warwick Community Park is also a great way to keep kids and adults alike busy and entertained with its playgrounds, fields and courts for various sports like basketball, tennis, baseball, softball and even skating, along with pavilions and multi-purpose areas to cater to different activities and events on four parks within the community like the Guinea Lane Park, Hidden Pond Park, Jamison Hunt Park and Hampton Chase Park. Then, there’s the Ross Mill Farm that cares for pigs and considers them as pets. They have salon spas aside from being a foster home for pigs.

Hampton Chase Park



Ross Hill Farm

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The schools in Warwick, PA belong to the Central Bucks School District. Close to Warwick, PA, the Middle Bucks Institute of Technology provides an opportunity for high school students and even to adults, who want to get the technical training they are looking for to be able to advance in their chosen careers. They offer advanced technical studies through short courses young adults can enroll in to enhance their knowledge and skills. Alongside is the avenue for each student to develop their skills on some recreational activities that is also provided. A good number of students are currently enrolled and this means a better future for them and their family.

Middle Bucks Institute of Technology

middle bucks

And when you are tired and hungry, you may drop by at the famous restaurant in Warwick, PA, Wild Ginger, which also has other 2 locations in Pennsylvania. It serves the best Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Vegetarian Cuisine along with a good ambiance that is perfect for romantic nights and is also affordable. If you are looking for a chill night with friends over pizza and beer, you may consider going to Randazzo’s Pizza, a place that you’ll surely dig in and love. You will see that in most restaurants in or nearby Warwick, PA, you will see hundreds of pieces of war items on display. It is more interesting to note that you will be able to witness not only a rural community, but a glimpse of their rich culture and history, and that present-day residents of Warwick, PA still value and are proud of.

Wild Ginger

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Randazzo’s Pizza

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