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Warrington, PA: More than just your dream vacation destination

Have you ever envisioned a vacation destination that offers relaxation, shopping, and plenty of cool things to do and see?  Who hasn’t right?  Well, I have found just the place and it offers the opportunity to learn about American History at the same time!  You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy this place, because it is full of what traditional vacationers look for. It can even be an ideal place to be anybody’s home.  The place is Warrington, PA, which is a township in Bucks County.  The township was named after Warrington in Cheshire, England.


Warrington, PA

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This sparsely populated township, with a population of about 20,000 people, surprisingly offers a large variety of things to do and see.  Geographically, Pennsylvania is close enough to states such as Maryland, Virginia, and Washington.  It is believed that in 1956, President Eisenhower signed the Federal Aid Highway Act, which created America’s highway system.  Warrington, PA offers many parks with a variety of activities.  There are parks for camping, rock climbing, mountain biking and water activities, like the Willow Knoll Park at 2235 Oxford Drive, for example, that has swings, playground, water fountain, picnic benches and basketball courts.



And then, there’s the Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle from nearby Doylestown.  A castle from the late 1850’s, with over 55 rooms and 40,000 objects, which offers guided tours of the castle.  This castle’s design can be traced back to castles of Warrington in Cheshire, England.  Within 20 miles of the Warrington, PA Township is the Philadelphia Zoo ranked to be one of the best in the U.S., and the Please Touch Museum which encourages hands on experience for all the curious children and visitors on the exhibit area.

Fonthill Castle

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Please Touch Museum

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One of the places that offers fine dining and wine tasting at the same time is the Warrington Taste Winery and Restaurant located at the Valley Square Shopping Center.  Several restaurants offer a variety of cuisines, everything from the exotic Middle Eastern to American steak houses as well as the oriental delicacies of Chinese dining.  You can check other restaurants in Warrington, PA like The Melting Pot, Warrington Pizzeria and Restaurant, P.F. Chang’s, Ace Diner Alessio’s Seafood Grille, Chickie’s and Pete’s and so much more. Your food experience in Warrington, PA would surely be a gastronomic adventure and something that will make you come back to Warrington again and again.


warrington-taste wine

The Melting Pot

melting pot


P.F. Chang’s

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Vacation rentals are also within Warrington, PA if you want to stay in a traditional Colonial Home setting.  Shopping, everyone’s favorite especially during a vacation, can be done in several malls.  The largest mall in Warrington, PA is the Valley Square Shopping Center at 1501 North Main Street Warrington, PA.  There are over 35 shops and restaurants to enjoy here in just one location.  A movie theater named Regal Warrington Crossing is a multi-screen movie theater with a state of the art sound system.  It is a kid friendly establishment, which offers an arcade to pass the time while waiting for your movie to start.  Adults can relax in the very modern Cornerstone Fitness and Spa at 847 Easton Road, which offers many types of relaxation treatments after a good workout.  It is a modern Health and Wellness Center that focuses on self-preservation by offering Zumba, Swimming, Yoga, Martial Arts, Personal Training and several types of massage.

Valley Square Shopping Center


Regal Warrington Crossing

regal regal2

Cornerstone Fitness and Spa

corner corner2


I hope you find this information about Warrington, PA to be enticing, exciting, and encourage you to consider staying here for a longer duration, or even indefinitely.  With such a wide range of activities and amenities to choose from, I am sure the whole family will enjoy and remember lots of fond memories of what seemed at first to be a sleepy little town.