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Simply Can’t Get Enough of Sellersville, PA


Sellersville, PA is a small residential town that was first established in the 18th century, and was known because it became the center to a major road now known as the Bethlehem Pike. Its old name, Seller’s Tavern, where its most distinct figure was an inn, paved way to its present name Sellersville. The growth of population and light textile industries were stimulated because of the Pennsylvanian national railroad. Now, Sellersville, PA’s progress continues to improve as time goes by. As of 2014, their population reaches over 4000. As population increases, the job opportunity also increase, and based on 2014 census, it already increased by 1.44%. Healthcare is not also a concern since Sellersville, PA is being serviced by the Grand View Hospital, the first ever hospital in the Buck’s County. When choosing a city to live in, it is therefore best to consider the matters that they have accomplished over the last years. This idea will tell you about the potential of the city that you will choose to live in for a long period of time. Sellersville, PA is associated with the following landmarks like the Washington House, N Main Street, and the Teller Cigar Factory, which made it to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.

Sellersville, PA

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Teller Cigar Factory                                          Washington House

Teller Cigar Factory Washington House


Homes for Sale in Sellersville, PA


The most common thing that people think of before choosing a new place to settle in is the cost of homes for sale. The choice in homes might vary depending on the preference of the person. For starters, there are temporary homes such as small apartments that can be leased over a given time frame. For those who are already successful in life and want to retire in Sellersville, PA, there are plenty of comfortable and well-furnished homes available for you. They might be a little expensive, but the new home that you will be moving in is definitely worth the price you are paying.

N Main Street

N. Main Street


Recreational Sites in Sellersville, PA


You can visit the Pocono Mountains and enjoy different adventures when in Sellersville, PA. There plenty of fun things that you can do in Sellersville, PA. If you want to watch concerts and other plays, you can go to the Sellersville Theater at 24 W Temple Avenue, which is just a stone throw away from the famous Washington House. Some people say that the theater is a charming venue for events. The theater has its own bar which serves very affordable drinks and snacks. You can bring your family to the concert without worrying for the expense.

Sellersville Theater


Sellersville Theater and the Washington House



But if you have kids, places like the Holiday House Recreation Area at 140 East Church Street, Sellersville, PA would surely come in handy. Your kid will have loads of fun swimming in their pool, especially during summer, among the other recreation activities and amenities they offer. While others would opt to commune with nature and teach their kids about the beauty and importance of taking care of the environment, then the Lake Lenape Park at Walnut Street is a perfect fit. You can go walking, biking, play in the fields or even golf. The Earl Druckenmiller Playground at Maple Avenue is popular among those who are into various kinds of ballgames like tennis and softball. The facilities will make you enjoy your game while trying to keep yourself fit. For those who are into the culture and the arts, the Sellersville Museum is a great place to visit. They also hold various exhibits every month to catch the attention of the public. Life would certainly be lively and exciting in Sellersville, PA.

Holiday House Recreation Area Pool                      Earl Druckenmiller Playground

holiday earl


Lake Lenape Park

Lake Lenape Park lake2


Sellersville Museum

museum Museum2


Restaurants in Sellersville, PA


After visiting all the attractions and recreations that Sellersville, PA has to offer, one would definitely get famished. Like with other cities, Sellersville, PA also has different types of restaurants. Among the most favorite restaurants are the Washington House and Stella’s House Blend Café at 200 N Main Street, which both offer American menus. And Washington House is also definitely a historic landmark in the area. They also have Arielle’s Country Inn at 740 Allentown Road that serves fine dishes with a great ambience, along with a glass of cold wine. If you want Italian pizza and pasta, you can go to Chiaro’s Pizzeria and Restaurant at 218 S Main Street. For different occasions or events, you can find the best restaurants in Sellersville, PA that will best suit your pocket and your tummy.

Stella’s Restaurant



Arielle’s Country Inn                                                       Herb Garden Passage

arielle's arielle's2


Chiaro’s Pizzeria and Restaurant        Gnocchi Caprese

chiaros chiaros2