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Or; how to not pay your mortgage for five (5) years and walk away with a free house via Foreclosure Loopholes!

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Personally, I’m completely torn; on one hand I’m all about (legally) getting around the rules. Not to say it’s a hobby but there’s something satisfying in finding ways to “game the system”. I understand and agree there needs to be rules (laws if you will) as they give us, mortal beings, a defined route to follow. However, no one (at least by “my” definition) ever got, significantly ahead, by coloring inside the lines.

Along those, coloring lines, I’m also guessing these Foreclosure Loopholes, were not even thought of when the applicants applied for their mortgages.

So, once again, I’m torn as to whether I should be high-fiving these people for getting around the system or hating them for not paying a mortgage, while “we” (I’m using we as the majority of paying on-time homeowners) write out our monthly check.

Foreclosure Loopholes – let me know what you think.