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I’ve always said that Real Estate Agents get paid to take pictures; however, some are better than others. These are really bad real estate photos!

Strictly speaking, from a Real Estate Marketing standpoint, pictures are the number one (1) thing Buyers look for.

As a matter of fact, here’s a statistic for you; 73% of Buyers will “click-through” (skip over completely) a listing that does not have at least one photo. In other words; NO PHOTOS and you lose 75% of potential Buyers.

As a Seller, here are a few Photo “faux pas’s” to look out for:

  • Photos of a powder room – unless it’s really (really) nice, no one wants to see it.
  • Photos of ANY bathroom with the Toilet seat up – din’t your mom teach you anything?
  • Any photo with an animal, human or mix-there-of in it – move grandpa to the basement.
  • Any photo that is in the least bit blurry – you would THINK this one is self-explanatory.
  • Photos that show Clutter – might as well tell the Buyer to Lowball his offer upfront.
  • Blank walls & corners – a (Real Estate) photo isn’t a photo unless there is something visually appealing in it.

I could go on (and on, and on) but you get the point! Photos sell the home to prospective Buyers – Bad Real Estate Photos sell your neighbor’s home!!

(and, just in case you hadn’t seen these yet…)

Bad Real Estate photos

Bad Real Estate photos

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To summarize; while photos are only one piece of the overall Property Marketing, they are the FIRST piece that potential Buyers see. The more photos the better; better photos are best and stay away from Bad Real Estate Photos!