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Here is a link to the public records and Montgomery County information (PDF) – 8800 Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia PA 19115


8800 Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia PA 19115

Hey everyone, It’s Bill Hamberg from the PAHouseLink.com team again and today we’re doing another walk-through video tour for one of our “Coming Soon” REO foreclosure properties.

This time we are out at 8800 E Roosevelt Blvd in the 19115 Bustleton section in Northeast Philly. If you aren’t familiar with this part of Philly; Bustleton is located in the Far Northeast and borders Rhawnhurst (19152) which is to the south, Fox Chase (19111) which is to the west and Somerton (19116) to the north. This particular property sits right on the corner of Roosevelt Boulevard and Winchester Ave and Pennypack Park is right on the other side of Winchester Ave.

I know I’m doing this A LOT but I’m going to apologize again about the lighting for this video; especially the basement part but hopefully you’ll see enough to get an idea of the overall condition; plus we added some still-photos where the lighting was really bad!

So… (8800 E Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia PA 19115) this one is a single, detached, raised-ranch model with 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath, 1 car garage, what could be a really nice covered deck/patio off of the kitchen and what used to be a finished basement. Public records show it as 1,086 square feet.

Fair warning upfront on this one – this is a COMPLETE rehab. You will not be able to finance this property unless it’s a renovation or FHA 203k loan. All of the utilities; heater, air conditioner, water heater and a good portion of the plumbing are missing. THIS IS NOT A DIY project!

And, on a side note – as I’ve said before, this is our initial walk-through of the property. It will be cleaned out and cleaned up before it’s listed.

With that out of the way let’s take a look…

We’re starting this one with the view from your front yard. Yes that is Roosevelt Blvd and it is a six lane highway. As we walk around from the front of the house you’ll get a pretty good idea of the lot size and you’ll see there will be some landscaping work that will have to be done.

As we come around back you’ll see the 1 car garage and the off-street parking for the property. Next we will swing around to the side of the home and take a look at the neighboring homes and Pennypack Park across the street.

Moving on you’ll get a good shot of the covered deck, which comes off of the kitchen and a view of the main entrance into the living room as well as the entrance into the basement. Obviously, the trash and debris will be removed and cleaned up too.

OK, for those of you who haven’t been through one of these videos before – get ready to hold your breath. ?

As we walk into the basement we see what I think used to be an office or possibly a basement bedroom – either way it needs a little tidying.

Next we walk into the front section of the basement we see what was probably a nice finished section at one time. As my wife would say: “it has potential”

From the basement we head up the steps and take a quick look at the kitchen area. I know I’m repeating myself – and I’ll do it again but this is not a DIY project. It is a complete gut and rehab project. As we head towards the front of the house we walk into an area (yes that is a mattress on the floor and I can only guess someone was sleeping there) that I believe was used as a dining room. From there we walk over into the living room area with a nice eclectic assortment of furnishings.

I know you were impressed with the living room but wait – it gets better. Next we’ll head to the back of the house and the bath, bedroom area. First we’ll take a quick look at the full bathroom – yes I’m sure they used that bottle of Clorox for something, just not recently.

From the bath we take a look at the first of two (2) bedrooms. This one is in relatively decent shape – compared to the rest of the house. Bedroom two, not so much. Not sure what is going on or why the ceiling is missing but that will probably need to be replaced.

Well that’s pretty much it for this one at 8800 E Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia PA 19115.

If you have any additional questions or want to setup a showing give us a call at 267-388-3520 or email us at team@PAHouseLink.com and we will get you taken care of!

See you on the next video.

This 1,086 square foot, 2 bedroom – 1 bath single family home is located at 8800 Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19115.

That’s our walk through video of 8800 Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia PA 19115.

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8800 Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia PA 19115