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Here is a link to the public records and Montgomery County information (PDF) – Croydon PA 19021


822 Tulip Ave Croydon PA 19021 | Foreclosures in Croydon PA 19021
4 Bedroom – 2 Bath 2 Story Cape

Hello and welcome to a PAHouseLink.com video walkthrough. This is Steve from the PAHouseLink.com team and today I will be taking you through a foreclosure property in Croydon PA 19021.

For this video we will be at 822 Tulip Ave Croydon PA 19021. Located in the Bristol Township section of Bucks county, this property is part of the Old Croydon development and is located in the Bristol school district. The house is 1,388 square feet on a 6,250 square foot lot.

Fair warning up front, this video is only to showcase the potential of the property. This house is in need of serious updating, from ceilings to carpets. With the right improvements, there is a diamond in the rough here. All it needs is a lot of elbow grease.

With that out of the way, let’s check the place out…

The backyard here is large enough for hosting parties and keeping the kids entertained and outdoors.

Heading around front we’re going to take a look at the neighborhood and front of the house.

Immediately through the front door we enter the living room, followed by the eat in kitchen.

To the right of the kitchen and on the main floor is bedroom one.

Here we have the full bath on the main floor, which is a rarity in 2-story homes.

Heading upstairs now, as we look to the right we can see a sitting area.

Also up here we check out bedrooms two, three, and four. I have no idea what is covering the walls in bedroom four, but it is a safe bet that they will need to be gutted to check for any damage behind them.

Next up we’re heading into the semi-finished basement which has its own living area and eat-in kitchen. It isn’t pretty down there right now. The walls that are still standing will have to be taken down because they are damaged beyond repair. However, the basement was set up as a separate living area at one point and could possibly be rented out after renovations, making this property a better investment than most.

As we enter we start in what is considered bedroom five.

Behind the bedroom is the eat-in kitchen for guests or tenants, and down the hall we have a full bath.

Last we check out the basement storage and utilities areas.

Well that’s all for this video walkthrough of 822 Tulip Ave Croydon PA 19021.

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That’s our walk through video of 822 Tulip Ave Croydon PA 19021.

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822 Tulip Ave Croydon PA 19021