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Here is a link to the public records and Montgomery County information (PDF) – 606 Borough Line Collegeville PA 19426


606 Borough Line Rd Collegeville PA 19462

OK, so we are going to do our walk-through video of 606 Borough Line Rd. in Collegeville PA 19462.

The house is huge; it’s 4,700 plus square feet, so this video is going to be 4 plus minutes long, so I apologize for the length but it is a big property.

So, what we are looking at now is the outside, I think it sits on a little over an acre of ground. Again, it’s on 606 Borough Line Rd in Collegeville.

And again, I’m going to apologize for the shakiness of the video BUT that’s what you get; I’m a Real Estate Agent not a videographer!

So, walking in the side door; the garage had been used for some sort of an office. There is a bathroom (in the garage area), as we walk from the garage we go into the laundry area, which you can see is pretty much trashed. From there you go into the kitchen (again the address is 606 Borough Line Rd. Collegeville 19462), kitchen is probably +/-20 years old, so it does need some updating.

There is a back staircase, which we are going up now and I believe we are going to make a left into the 4th bedroom. pretty good size with a walk-in closet. Going to turn-around and we will see the hall bathroom – I’m sure you all know this but the bank will clean everything out before it gets listed.

Going into the master bedroom, it has a nice size sitting room off to the left, has two very large walk-in closets and the one we just passed has an additional laundry hook-up. We just took a look at the master bath – which will obviously need to be updated.

Again, I apologize for the blurriness of the video (bad lighting).

Taking another look into the hall bath and as we walk out we over-look one of the family rooms. from there we go into the 2nd bedroom which is a lovely shade of pink!

And then finally the 3rd bedroom and then we are over-looking the foyer and heading down the steps.

From here we look back into the kitchen, we see the hall bath and the formal dining room; tile floor.

Then we head into the formal living room which comes around into an office space – you can see the door in the back; that leads to the 2nd (bigger) family room which we will see in a minute.

Here is the 1st floor view of the family room. Going back into the kitchen, there are hardwood floors which are in semi-decent condition.

Next, I believe this was an addition with a sunroom and then we get into a huge area, which I not really sure what to call it; it looks like it may have been used as some sort of trophy room.

At any rate, there are a bunch of sliding glass doors which lead out the the pool area and side yard.

Next we walk into the MASSIVE (1,080 square feet) family room.

Hopefully the video will give you a pretty good idea but it’s so big that, not only does it have a Bar area but it also has a built-in hot tub!

Again, there are a bunch of sliding glass doors which lead out to the pool area and backyard, which is way overgrown, everyone needs one of those – see video. Again, bar area and a storage closet and if you were to walk out the back of the bar you would walk into the office space we should a couple minutes ago.

That’s our walk through video of 606 Borough Line Rd Collegeville PA 19462.

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606 Borough Line Rd Collegeville PA 19462