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Philadelphia PA 19144

501 E Locust Ave Philadelphia PA 19144 | Luxury Estate Foreclosures in Philadelphia, PA
7 Bedroom – 3½ Bathroom 3-Story Colonial Estate

Hello and welcome to a PAHouseLink.com video walkthrough. My name is Steve and today we’ll be taking the first look at a mind-blowing luxury estate in Philadelphia, PA.

For today’s video we are checking out 501 E Locust Ave Philadelphia PA 19144. This amazing 3-story colonial estate boasts an incredible 7 bedrooms, 3½ Bathrooms, 2 kitchens, a fireplace in every room (though they aren’t all useable), and a full basement. The house has a total square footage of 5,560, while the entire property comes in at 12,794.

This property is huge, but that also means it needs a ton of work. It is, however, mostly cosmetic: doors, carpets, and counters all need to be replaced, the walls and ceilings need to be cleaned and painted… the usual for buying an old house. Keep that in mind while we check it out.

Before we begin the tour it is important to note that this is a coming soon video. The property has not been completely cleaned out yet, so expect rubbish while we walk through. I assure you the trash will be removed in short order, at which point we will release another video that better showcases how awe inspiring this property is. If you like what you see here then please make sure to watch the follow up!

All right then, let’s check this beauty out…

We begin the tour by entering the yard through the front gate. Immediately we can see that the yard is exceptionally large, if not a little overgrown. There’s not much to see out here, so we’re going to do a walk around before heading in the front door.

Immediately inside we enter the foyer. To the right is the living room, which features incredible 12-foot high pocket doors. Back through the foyer we enter the family room. Next we enter the dining room at the center of the house. The center door here leads to what looks to have been either a dumb-waiter or some kind of mini-elevator. Through the left hallway we enter the first kitchen. And at the back of the house we have the enormous laundry room and the half bathroom. As a note here: the door to the basement is in OTHER hallway between the dining room and kitchen.

Now to head up to the second floor via the stairs in the foyer. As we head straight back we pass by stairs that lead to the hallway we passed through earlier. All the way back we enter bedroom 1. Almost all of the rooms on this floor are connected, meaning you could walk from one side of the house to the other without stepping into the hallway… if you really wanted to. Connected to the first bedroom is the first full bathroom. As this bathroom can only be accessed from bedrooms 1 and 2, it is what is known as a Jack-and-Jill bathroom. Heading straight through that bathroom takes us to bedroom 2. Another doorway takes us directly into bedroom 3. Next up is the second full bathroom, which is ridiculously huge. Our last stop on this floor is bedroom 4.

Now we can head up to the third floor. Straight ahead we enter bedroom 5, which oddly has a staircase leading directly into it. Heading towards the front of the house we have bedroom 6. In the hallway is full bathroom #3. And our final stop on this tour in bedroom 7, as well as kitchen #2. Why the second kitchen is in the bedroom, I haven’t the foggiest, but it’s certainly convenient!

That’s all for our tour of 501 E Locust Ave Philadelphia PA 19144.

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That’s our walk through video of 501 E Locust Ave Philadelphia PA 19144.

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Philadelphia PA 19144