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4 Outdoor Tips to Create Great Curb Appeal

Prime selling season is here – the trees and flowers are in full bloom in Horsham and its a beautiful day for house hunting.   Buyers will see the outside of your home before anything else, and if they are not wowed by its curb appeal they will likely view the interior with a skeptical eye.

If your house is being passed by there are a few quick fixes you can make to increase that oh-so-valuable curb appeal:

  1. Landscaping: No shortcuts here – it must be pristine. Trees and shrubs trimmed, beds edged and mulched, and weeds pulled.   If the job is too big to handle yourself, hire a professional. They can get the job done in a day or so and the transformation can be huge.   This is an expense that will pay for itself many times over. If you could get a faster sale and have just one less mortgage payment (and a whole lot less hassle of showing your home), wouldn’t that be worth it?
  2. Front Door:   Make it completely inviting.   It should be freshly painted and the hardware polished or replaced if its worn. If you have a storm door, keep the glass in rather than a screen and make sure it is immaculately clean – the glass, the hinges, the handle – everything. Add a new welcome mat and a pot or two of fresh flowers to make it stand out.
  3. Driveway: Does it need a fresh coat of sealer?   If so, get it done – it’s the easiest way to clean it up and cover stains.   Does your driveway and garage dominate the front of your home? It will need to be warmed up a bit. Consider potted shrubs or a garden bench. It goes without saying that garage doors should be in good repair.
  4. Details: Keep garbage cans out of site, remove front window screens and make sure the glass is polished to a shine. Repair broken concrete (some municipalities will make you do this anyway before you sell, so why not do it ahead of time), clean out gutters and power wash where needed.

A little time and money spent in attention to curb appeal can payoff in terms of a faster sale and higher price.   Besides, its a great day to be outside!