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Here is a link to the public records and Montgomery County information (PDF) – Philadelphia PA 19127


Philadelphia PA 19127

161 Carson St Philadelphia PA 19127 | Foreclosure Properties in Philadelphia, PA
4 Bedroom – 1 Bathroom 3-Story Townhouse

Hello and welcome to a PAHouseLink.com video walkthrough. My name is Steve and today we will be taking a look at one of our foreclosure properties in Philadelphia, PA.

In today’s video we are going to be heading out to 161 Carson St Philadelphia PA 19127. This 3-story townhouse is located in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia and features 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a full basement. The properties total square footage comes in at 1,452, with the house itself coming in at 1,807.

This property isn’t looking too pretty, but thankfully it’s nothing serious. The kitchen specifically needs new cabinetry, flooring and a ceiling. Most other rooms need new carpets and a fresh coat of paint at the very least. Overall this property can be renovated and ready for new occupants in a short period of time, perfect for investors and home shoppers alike.

With that said we can start the tour…

Beginning outside we take a look at the neighborhood and the front of the property before we head inside.

In the front door we enter the living room. Heading back we enter the dining room. And at the back of the first floor we have the kitchen.

Heading up the steep stairs to the second floor, we take a right and check out the full bathroom. Across from the stairs we have bedroom 1. On the left side of the hallway we come to the master bedroom.

Up some more steep stairs we come to the third floor. On our right is a small storage area. Straight ahead is bedroom 3. And on the left is bedroom 4.

Back down to the first floor and through a door in the dining room we come to the basement. Down here we have the laundry area as well as a back exit through a small room.

Outback we have a covered patio as well as a raised porch. There is a back alley, unfortunately there are no stairs to reach it.

That’s all for our tour of 161 Carson St Philadelphia PA 19127.

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Thanks for joining me on this video walkthrough and be sure to check out our other properties right here on

That’s our walk through video of 161 Carson St Philadelphia PA 19127.

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Philadelphia PA 19127