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Montgomery County | Wyndmoor

Discover the Allure and Grandeur of Wyndmoor, PA

Buying a house to be your new home should never be done impulsively. Whether you are getting it because you just got married and would like to start a family, or because you have a growing family and you need to move in to a bigger place, you should always remember that this is going to be a big investment on your end and a permanent one at that. It is a big investment that could cause you a lot of trouble if you don’t do it right the first time. As with any investment, you should part with your money wisely. It is not only the house itself that you should be looking at when choosing. It is also important that you consider the neighborhood itself. A great place to be your prospect is Wyndmoor, PA, which is located in East Pennsylvania.

Wyndmoor, PA

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For a family that is just starting out, maybe just like your own, knowing if there are any good schools in your area is one of the primary concern of parents. There are many top rated and accessible schools, both public and private, in the Wyndmoor, PA area for your children. For the really young ones, there’s the Wyndmoor Montessori School nearby. There’s also the Evan Thomas Institute that is also quite accessible, the La Salle High School at 8605 Cheltenham Ave., and nearby Regina Coeli Academy for your older kids.

La Salle High School

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A safe place does not automatically equate to a boring place. You will soon find out that there are plenty of places to visit in Wyndmoor, PA during your free time. Dining out could be quite challenging simply because there are so many choices that are available to you. Craving for pizza? A neighboring family-owned establishment called Tony’s Pizza City can serve you the type of thin crust pizza to satisfy your hunger. If you are looking for something more exotic, like some chicken tikka masala, samosas, or tandoor, you should visit Bhagya’s Kitchen at 1010 East Willow Grove Avenue, Wyndmoor, PA. If you plan on spending some time just hanging out with friends or drinking out with buddies, there’s the Turney’s Tavern for you close by. You may even get to watch live musical performances while downing some bottles and a hearty conversation. You will surely find the restaurant of your choice in Wyndmoor, PA for all your moods and cravings.

Bhagya’s Kitchen

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If you’re wondering where to take your kid if he or she has no school yet, there’s always the Wyndmoor Playground that might just have what you need. There are swings for babies and big kids, and even sand pits that are separated and filled with toys for your little darlings. If they, in turn, want to be just around and play, there is a large field to cater for that too. And you don’t have to worry about waiting for them because there are plenty of benches and lots of shade, so you have time for yourself as well. Your kids will surely have the time of their life and treasure the childhood they’ve had growing up in Wyndmoor, PA. This place also used to be the home of the Whitemarsh Hall Estate. This vast land is home to a banking tycoon, and is considered up to now as one of architecture’s greatest loss after it was demolished in 1980.

Whitemarsh Hall

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Though Wyndmoor, PA is a small community within the Springfield Township, you and your family would have plenty of places to visit. And because it is largely a residential area, it has its own parks where you could stroll along leisurely like the Mermaid Lane Park, which was donated to the area by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. There’s also the Laurel Beech Park, which happens to be the home of the Oreland and Wyndmoor Little League, and the Veteran’s Memorial Parklet. There are also many business establishments that provide products and services for all the needs of the residents of Wyndmoor, PA. So there’s no worry of ever having to travel far and wide to get what you want and need. You also lessen the risk of regret over your decision to invest in buying a home in Wyndmoor, PA because the quality if your and your family’s life has greatly improved and has even been enriched.

Laurel Beech Park

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Veteran’s Memorial Parklet