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Montgomery County | Willow Grove

The Best Offers in Willow Grove, PA

Willow Grove, PA is located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States near the Philadelphia’s northern fringe; which was known for its Willow Grove Park before, which operated from 1896 to 1976 and is now famous for what is now called the Willow Grove Park Mall.

Willow Grove, PA

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Schools in Willow Grove, PA


A community cannot be completed if they do not have learning institutions; which is why schools in Willow Grove, PA are allocated a big sum of money for sustenance and the maintenance of such facilities for learning. There are actually a number of top rating schools in Willow Grove, PA that you can choose from for your child’s education. One is the Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School, which is located in the Upper Dublin School District of Willow Grove. A number of 428 students go to this school which teaches K-5. Another school in the area is Willow Hill School, which doesn’t only serve the people in Willow Grove, Pa, but also those in Hatboro and Huntingdon Valley, PA. It consists of primary school for grades K-2, Intermediate School for grade 3-5, middle school for grades 6-8 and a high school for grades 9-11. All in all, they have 3,100 students at present, where your kid will happily belong to if you choose to send him there. Then, on the other hand, there is Leer’s Imagine Child Development Center, which is a great choice for your toddlers whom you want to learn outside of your homes. They offer infant care/ infant developmental activities, young toddler, young preschool, pre-educational learning program. How cool is that? Your child will surely enjoy everything that it offers at this very critical and exploratory phase in their lives.

Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School

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Willow Grove Park Mall


Education is not the only aspect that the authorities and residents alike in Willow Grove, PA focuses on. Willow Grove Park Mall is a shopping mall in the community of Willow Grove, PA. It is a three-story building which is considered to be the third most successful mall in the Philadelphia area. It has all the amenities that one would usually look for in this kind of place. With hundreds of brands selling their manufactured goods inside the Willow Grove Park Mall, a positive flow of customers is expected every single day. Over the years, it served as a big boost to the township’s economy, and not only gives plenty of leisure options and recreation for the people of Willow Grove,PA, but a source of income to business owners and their employees too.

Willow Grove Park Mall

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For The Love of Food in Willow Grove, PA


Another reason for you to choose Willow Grove, PA is the pack of high end restaurants in the place. The eateries that you will see in the area are not like those common eateries you usually encounter. According to the locals, the best restaurant in Willow Grove, PA is Bonefish Grill at Regency Square at 1015 Easton Road Willow Grove, PA. All the staff are said to be very accommodating. The restaurant manager sees to it that everyone is enjoying their grub. The food is also to die for! From appetizer to entrée to salad, every single bit is totally worth your money and attention.

Bonefish Grill                                           Kobe Beef Burger

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On the other hand, if you like Japanese cuisine, then it would not be a problem because Ooka Japanese Restaurant at 1109 Easton Road serves the best sushi in town. Their type of Japanese cuisine will make customers feel like they are actually in Japan eating authentic Japanese food. This restaurant in Willow Grove, PA has been receiving good reviews and ratings from numerous previous customers who experienced their service and tasted the food.

Ooka Restaurant

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Food is most definitely the way to anyone’s heart, even enough to lure them to buy homes for sale in Willow Grove, PA to be able to fully experience all the best things in life while living in that part of the United States.