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Montgomery County | Telford

Defining what is best in Telford, PA

A person’s preferences can vary in so many ways. Some people want to be isolated in a secluded area, while others prefer the comfort of what modernization and unstoppable globalization can offer. If you are one of the people that want the best of both worlds, then you will definitely appreciate living in Telford, PA, whose boundaries passes through the counties of Bucks and Montgomery.

Telford, PA

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If you are fond of knowing the history of places, you will surely be interested with the rich past of Telford, PA; and even how it got its name from the engineer who managed a railroad company in the area. You will come to discover more interesting facts as you choose to visit the place or live there for good. More reasons will convince you to settle down in the area of Telford, PA as you become more aware of the good things that it has to offer to you and your family.


Telford, PA County Line Road

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Telford, PA Station



Children’s Learning and Education in Telford, PA


Schools in Telford, PA vary in terms of the accommodated age and of being public or private. The highly recommended elementary school in this area is the Grace Christian School at 320 North 3rd Street. Surveys showed the quality of learning and services that the staff or the teachers are giving to its student in this private school in Telford, PA have been gratifying enough to entitle them as the top rating school in Telford, PA.  They do not only teach the basic knowledge that should be learned by the young ones by heart, but they also help in enhancing their skills in the arts and theatrical plays. Moreover, they teach one other language; Spanish; to optimize their students’ potential. What is more interesting about the school is the fact that it gives out scholarships for those families who cannot afford the tuition fee, to give those unfortunate children a better chance in life.

Grace Christian School


Be active and have fun strolling around in Telford, PA


You can indeed explore the wonders of the world in Telford, PA. The place has great trails that you can choose to have your afternoon run, while overseeing ecstatically beautiful sceneries that can entice your senses and fuel you up with happy hormones. Popular lanes and parks in Telford, PA include the Blue Marsh Lake Multi-Use Trail, which encircles a reservoir that is man-made, Bristol Spurline Park, Capoolong Creek Wildlife Management Area, which is a pleasant place to have a stroll since it is alongside the Capoolong Creek, and the Columbia Trail which encompasses great greeneries and many more. You only have to look for an exciting path to start on and see where it leads you.

Blue Marsh Lake Multi-Use Trail


Renowned Restaurants and Food Destinations in Telford, PA


Vietnam Café at 179 Penn Avenue is the most favored and loved restaurant in Telford, PA. Many customers highly recommend this place because of the fantastic yet equally bizarre menus. The service is lovely, welcoming, accommodating, and swift. They serve Vietnamese cuisine with great affordable prices. Also, the Pho, which is known as the Beef noodle too, is also outstanding! Their other appetizers are Beef wrapped in leaf and seafood pancake with shrimps and squid with a dipping sauce. Moreover, if you are fan of coffee, Vietnam Cafe has the best tasting spectacular Iced Coffee. They process their coffees in a pouch that is made of French press. This particular café is one of the reasons why people want to visit and settle in Telford, PA. Moreover, if you and your family have this kind of bonding that always includes the blessing of food then there are a few family restaurants in Telford, PA. One of which is the Heritage Restaurant at 508 Harleysville Pike, Telford, PA that serves variety of dishes and are known for their special services. You will love their way of giving you a good time without worrying on the payment, since you can use any kind of payment method that suits your pockets.

Spicy Beef Soup #21                                Spring Rolls

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Heritage Restaurant


And lastly, the Rising Sun Inn at 898 Allentown Road is also one of the many reasons why homes for sale in Telford, PA sell like hot pancakes. Many people are enticed with the prospect of living in Telford, PA just to see and dine in this historic landmark that is the Rising Sun Inn on a daily basis.

The Rising Sun Inn

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