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Montgomery County | Skippack

Skippack, PA - A Wonderful County to Live in

The name Skippack from Skippack, PA is an extremely unique word. If you are going to take a look at its history, the word Skippack originated from German colonizers who invaded Germantown and moved up to a place where they cannot further travel. The place was then named “Schippach”, and it became Skippack in 1975, when Jacob Reiff launched the first store in town. Then, the history continues as Skippack, PA embraces its appeal.

Skippack, PA

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Best Features of Skippack, PA


You would love to stroll in the bridge of Skippack, PA and look at old fashioned lamp posts, buy from sophisticated gift stores and eat in one of their vibrant restaurants and bars that speak of modernization. You would be inspired of the view from the creek side and its visual arts. The best art features in Skippack, PA: “Arts by Heart Gallery”, which is located in the east villa, features all-inclusive work of Andrea O’Driscoll at Green Wolfs’ Bar Shoppes. Surely, you will enjoy visiting the gallery once you also see the wide array of masterpieces in the galleria.

Skippack Village Bridge


Arts by Heart Gallery

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Hot Spots in Skippack, PA


There is also a traditional store called the “Pennsylvania Traditions” at 4033 Skippack Pike. It is a place that offers the finest selection of Early American replicas and traditional furniture that can be found on five of its comfy rooms in their store in Skippack, PA. The furniture have high class features and designed based on the 17th and 18th century times. This heritage store exemplifies the colonial style made by Pine Farm that displays the fruitwood finish that gives its products the look of authenticity.

Pennsylvania Traditions

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You can also visit Black Sheep Pottery at 4038 Skippack Pike, Skippack, PA.  It is an interactive and roomy studio where the multi room comes fully equipped with ten pottery wheels, tumblers that are slab rollers that and other sort of related stuff, and even a glaze chemistry room. The studio is beautiful and nice because of the ceramic reference library where the students can engage themselves professionally. They can do the ceramic workshops as an advanced study to enhance their creative interest in clays. It can be so much fun and you can even paint one of your own designs. You will be satisfied after visiting the “Pennsylvania Traditions” store and the “Black Sheep Pottery” because of its excellent collections and daylight rooms filled with paintings and jewelries in glass containers. This attraction alone can definitely lure anyone to visit, if not move to Skippack, PA for good.

Black Sheep Pottery

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Best Food and Beverage Spots in Skippack, PA


They have the abundant life in the county. Skippack, PA has a one stop store for all your gourmet kitchen needs and supplies in Le Butler’s Pantry at 4033 Skippack Pike. You can just take a walk if it is a sunny day and go to this awesome store to shop for your culinary needs. Moreover, if you want classic French cuisine, you can go to Brasserie 73 at 4024 Skippack Pike, Skippack, PA. It is an elegant Persian style restaurant that serves amazing French dishes that will blow your taste palates once you have tasted their menu. There is also a bar called Village Wine Cellar at 4038 Skippack Pike that does not only serve chilled wines but also tapas style of cooking. This kind of cooking is popular because the food varies from seafood, poultry meat and other kind of proteins. You will be able to get your pick from the menu. Services in the mentioned restaurants in Skippack, PA have a very high standard; formality and warmth wrapped in one.

Le Butler’s Pantry

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Brassiere 73



Village Wine Cellar

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For anyone who is definitely into food, you surely won’t get disappointed with what Skippack, PA has to offer to satiate your food cravings. It is even enough for some to consider buying homes for sale in Skippack, PA to be able to enjoy this kind of life on a daily basis.