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Montgomery County | Schwenksville

Schwenksville, PA: An Ideal and Breathtaking Place for All

If you think that you have a story to tell, Schwenksville, PA has its own story to share too. Schwenksville has been named after George Schwenk, and this town has also been the inspiration behind the protagonist in the novel the Dairy Queen in 2006. If you choose to live in Schwenksville, PA, then you will surely experience the great benefits that the place has to offer to all its residents. From homes for sale to schools and recreational centers, Schwenksville, PA guarantees quality wise goods and services.

Schwenksville, PA

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What do you usually think of when you go for a drive or a stroll in town with your family or friends? Most people would never have second thoughts in looking for the hottest food place in the area. More often than not, food choices in a place can somehow manage to influence the whole decision of buying a property from that place or choosing an option for a location to visit. If you and your friends happen to drive along Schwenksville, PA, then you should take a break at Moccia’s Train Stop at 1004 Gravel Pike. This restaurant in Schwenksville, PA is the best cheesesteak maker in the area. Or perhaps, you can relax at the Woodside Lodge Restaurant at 150 East Park Avenue that has the best sceneries in Schwenksville, PA. The service staff is said to be more than accommodating and they offer the most practical meals to all.

Schwenksville Borough Hall


Moccia’s Train Stop

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The Woodside Lodge Restaurant

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Families that have children to think about always prioritize the education that they can provide to them. There are many private and public schools in Schwenksville, PA that offer discounts and even financial aids. You can choose to send your child either to a private or a public school such, as Schwenksville Elementary School at 55 2nd Street, a public school and is rated to have the best quality education in Schwenksville, PA. The faculty and staff are known to be very dedicated to their profession and guarantees high standard of learning.


Another school found in Schwenksville, PA is St. Mary Catholic School at 40 Spring Mouth Road, which is a private school. There is an incredible attention and assistance that you can get for your children from this school. They indeed instill lifelong learning and respect among their students. This is an excellent school with excellent teachers to be proud of and thankful for.

St. Mary Catholic School


There are also 109 colleges in Schwenksville, PA. This includes two and four year schools with affordable degrees or certificate programs. You will really have a strong indication of effectiveness and your potential to find success in this residence. The nearest college is Ursinus College that is only 4 miles from the Schwenksville center.

Ursinus College

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Of course, when you decided to move from your previous home to a new one, you always consider the leisure sites or recreations in the new place. The Central Perkiomen Valley Park at 1 Plank Road, Schwenksville, PA, is a wide and vast spacious land that has playgrounds installed. The setup is very convenient for those who want to have a picnic, play in the playground or do active stuffs such as playing catch or Frisbee. A lot of different exercise regimens can also be done in the area; jogging, biking and even horseback riding.  The most interesting about the park is its very beautiful angle, with a view of the Perkiomen Creek that is also near the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy, that aims to educate the young and old about the wonders of nature and life. The conservatory only needs your registration for you to be able to try out different activities that will open your eyes to what the environment can truly offer. Don’t also to forget to drop by Ott’s Greenhouse and feast your eyes with flowers everywhere, both familiar and not, like the amazing Mum mountain. If you live in Schwenksville, PA, then you will be entitled to see and experience a lot of wondrous things only those living here are blessed with.

Central Perkiomen Valley Park

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Ott’s Greenhouse

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