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Montgomery County | Rydal

New Life and a New Career in Rydal, PA

Consider this scenario. Your family is deciding to move into another place. You just recently graduated from high school and you want to enroll in a well-known and reputable university. You search for best places to live in and you stumble upon Rydal, PA.

Rydal, PA

rydal, pa rydal


Rydal, PA is a community located in the Abington Township. It is mostly composed of residential homes that houses very accommodating people. Larry Kane, a famous TV host, lives there. If you are wondering why it is a very suitable place for you given the scenario, then you should know that not only is it near a world renowned university, but is also nearby high rated restaurants. Rydal, PA is a very convenient place to be because of the easy access to rides going to the best sceneries and towns in Abington Township.

Rydal’s East Park Area Painting


The Famous Penn State University in Rydal, PA (Penn State University – Abington) will help you decide what is really best for you!  Ask yourself these questions: What will be the great motivation for you to work and research sufficiently? Are you interested of at least four year’s degree? Do you want to live near the place that you go to school to?


Penn State University is a world class university and is also close to home, which has all the benefits one can get from a renowned public university. It certainly defines diversity of respect as a core value that underlies strategies to employ and promote understanding, to expose the perspectives and world views of their students.

Penn State University

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Rydal, PA’s Food Hubs


Mirna’s Café is reviewed to be the best restaurant in Rydal, PA. The food, service and atmosphere are the main reasons why people in Rydal, PA, and even tourists come back for more. It is open 7 days a week and serves Mediterranean and American Food. If you are a hungry soul and looking for something satisfying yet sumptuous, you will surely get your fill in Mirna’s Café.

Mirna’s Café                                                          Seafood Jambalaya

mirna's mirna's2

Mornings can never be complete without a cup of hot beverage, be it coffee, tea or chocolate, and a bite of your favorite bagel. Living in Rydal, PA will bring you closer to Fill a Bagel (and Breads). Previous customers nominated the place to be the best bagel bakery in Philadelphia, and even in the United States. The best part is you do not have to drive a long way to get there because Rydal, PA is very near to its location. You can always cater to your food whims whenever in town.

Fill a Bagel (and Breads)

fill1 fill2


Fun! Fun! And even more fun!


Choosing to live in Rydal, PA will not only give you access to studying in Penn State University or to be near the best restaurants in Philly, but also to be nearby one of the largest malls in Philadelphia. Willow Grove Park Mall, or popularly called the Willow Grove Mall, which happens to be the third most popular and successful mall in the Philly area will be your frequent hang out place! It is just a few minutes from Rydal, PA and the effort to drive there won’t be a waste of your time because you get to explore more than a hundred and thirty stores, which offer and sell a variety of products and services, and presently has five anchor stores, with Bloomingdale’s as the biggest. The mall also has a recreation center inside, which makes it a great place to hang out with your partner and your kids. The park can also be a solemn area for family gatherings or time for self-reflections for those who have plenty of time to kill.

Willow Grove Park Mall

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