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Montgomery County | North Wales

Reasons why North Wales, PA is obviously the best choice for your next home

The rich farming area of North Wales, PA was named by a Welsh immigrant who wanted to adapt the name of Wales to his new home. It became their agricultural pastoral village in Gwynedd Township. It is a suburb in Montgomery County which is one of the significant population centers that makes up the North Penn Valley. “Build Out” is the other name for North Wales, PA because it does not have limits with regards to the inflation of its population. It is also one of the oldest municipalities of North Penn.

North Wales, PA

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Interesting History Facts about North Wales, PA


There are many interesting facts about North Wales, PA. Its main street, formerly known as the old Indian trail, was called as the Great Road in 1728 and is now known as Sumneytown Pike. This trail is very important because it is a general link to the places in Philadelphia. Moreover, North Wales, PA blooms because of its rich businesses found inside the town that help the people grow in their own ways. North Wales’ Main St. and the Walnut Street is the hub of business over the years. They serve the community by providing location for certain businesses such as hair salons, beauty parlors, pharmacy shoes store, yoga studio, auto repair shops, and restaurants to name a few.

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Helping Organizations in North Wales, PA


The town also has its community organization, wherein the residents in the town help each other through them. The Lamb Foundation is one of the organizations in North Wales, PA which is considered to be a non-profit organization that provides housing and life skills support to those who are mentally challenged. Another organization in North Wales, PA that is dedicated to those people who seriously need assistance is the Montgomery County Association for the Blind.

The Lamb Foundation

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Education in North Wales, PA


As early as the 1950s, an elementary school was built in North Wales, PA, which served as their source of education and learning. They named it as the North Wales Elementary School and High School, which became a part of the North Penn School District. If you are fond of getting information through reading, then there is a free library that is situated within the town that you will surely love. It formerly housed the North Wales Memorial Free Library which is now known today as the North Wales Area Library. This area is a part of the Montgomery County Library System.

North Wales Elementary School

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Recreation in North Wales, PA


A town will never be complete without a recreation area and a park. Every time you are free from your work, then you can head somewhere to do fun things. There are a lot of things to do in North Wales, PA like strolling to park, biking, hiking and etc. to keep you busy and entertained.


Weingartner Park is one of the parks in North Wales, PA that is located on Second and Summit Streets, which has a 3 acres of passive recreation area, with a variety of trees such as Black Walnut, Norway Maple, White Pine, and etc. as well as pathways and benches to sit on while relieving the stress and tension you feel through the beauty of the ambience of the park itself. It also has a playground that suits kids age 2 to 10. So, whenever you feel stressed from your daily activities and you want to spend quality time with your kids, head to the park and create memorable and lasting memories with your loved ones.

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