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Montgomery County | Meadowbrook

What Meadowbrook, PA Has to Offer

Meadowbrook, PA is an independent community that is located in the heart of Abington Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States. It is not a typical community where you find just households. It also has a beautiful background scenery and has its own hotspots that bring about the light spirit and aura of the people in the community.

Meadowbrook, PA

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Recreation Areas in Meadowbrook, PA


If you and your family always love to visit new places or have some quality time together, then choosing to live in Meadowbrook, PA is a very good and exciting decision. The parks in Meadowbrook, PA cover 16.6 acres, and is located in East-West Highway. Your children will enjoy playing around the large playground. The park also has its softball fields, baseball fields, and tennis and basketball courts. By living in the area of Meadowbrook, PA, you are only a short drive away to other parks in the area, which features hundreds of rides, live shows and attractions. There are also exhibits of live animals which are a big attraction for those who are most interested in the wonders of live show and the evolution of the world. No day would be dull when you are living in this part of the town. One popular and historical park is the Meadowbrook Farm at 1633 Washington Lane Meadowbrook, PA is a picture of nineteenth century life with an English Garden. It is open from Monday to Saturday at 10am to 5pm.

Meadowbrook Station                    Meadowbrook Farm

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In Meadowbrook, PA, preserving life is one of the values they keep from so long time ago. Cherry Valley National Wildlife Range is one of the wildlife refuge found in Meadowbrook, PA that conserves migratory birds and other species. The community together with this group helps control their natural succession which portends the wetland habitats.

Cherry Valley National Wildlife Range


The historical relics and artifacts of Meadowbrook, PA are kept and can be viewed in the Meadowbrook Museum Branch of the Montgomery Museum, which is located in the Meadowbrook Center. It has the regional library, art gallery and a community room for the residents of Meadowbrook. It features the historical documents, photos or any artifacts that are found in Meadowbrook, PA from a long time ago.



Schools in Meadowbrook, PA


There is one elementary school in Meadowbrook, PA which is the Meadowbrook School. It is a private school that has a number of 120 students. It is one of the featured schools in Meadowbrook, PA. It aims to provide and meet intellectual, social, and emotional needs of the students; which will in turn help them grow from within and mold them into better people. A middle school is also found in the vicinity as well as 2 preschool schools. If ever you are parenting a toddler that will soon commence school, finding one in the area won’t be a problem and you can be assured that your children will have a good education and a bright future.

Meadowbrook School                                        Meadowbrook School Bed and Breakfast

meadowbrook school   bed and bfast

Restaurants in Meadowbrook, PA


The best thing that Meadowbrook, PA can offer is the food from the top reviewed eateries and restaurants in nearby areas. The most popular restaurant near Meadowbrook, PA is the Blue Sage Vegetarian Grill. Customers and the people of Meadowbrook, PA find the place very accommodating and their food is down to earth delicious. What attracts people to go to the restaurant is their menu full of delicious and mouthwatering serving of veggies. Another nearby restaurant in Meadowbrook, PA that is approved and patronized by many customers is the Chaikhana Uzbekistan. People claim that eating the food in the place make them feel like they are actually in Uzbekistan.