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Reasons why living in Maple Glen, PA is the best

Are you interested in knowing why Maple Glen, PA is the best place to live in in Philadelphia? Yes! You heard that right. Maple Glen, PA, an area located in the state of Pennsylvania is truly worthy for anyone to settle in because of the fact that it is more than just a township with a number of people who can greet and meet you. It is a place full of life and historical memoirs that are somehow being taken into serious maintenance by everyone living in it.


Maple Glen, PA

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According to statistics, the total land area of Maple Glen, PA is 3.1 sq. miles; which gives you the indication of how appropriate its size is for the number of people living in it. People in Maple Glen, PA are very diverse in terms of race. You can really see how peaceful they are with each other even with the known history of races that seems to still be an issue in the United States. Although they are known for their higher cost of living compared to the average US household, you are guaranteed that all the expenses are allocated for excellent delivery of products and services. If you choose to live in the area, you will really know why everything has higher standards in comparison to the whole US norms and you will feel that it is truly worth it.

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Schools in Maple Glen, PA


Since we are talking about education, then it is just fitting to mention the highest ranking schools in Maple Glen, PA. Our Lady of Mercy Regional Catholic School is the most respected school in Maple Glen, PA. It teaches K-8 and has about 500 students up to present. Many parents enroll their kids in here for the purpose of enhancing not only their knowledge, but also other skills such as playing ball games, technical computer skills, singing, music and playing musical instruments. It also teaches Spanish for those who wanted to be good at the language.


Our Lady of Mercy Regional Catholic School


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Homes for Sale in Maple Glen, PA


Another good reason why you should choose Maple Glen, PA over the many towns that are also offering estate and home sales are the unique designs of houses and the constant developments that are being organized to make the tenants and residents alike enjoy their stay and make it worth their money. Homes for sale in Maple Glen, PA are not only limited to the designs of rooms and bathrooms. The main attraction for buyers are the add-ons such as libraries, custom living rooms and offices. And if you are still not convinced with this great idea put to reality, then there are still more things that Maple Glen, PA can offer to its proud residents.



Parks in Maple Glen, PA


The best park that you can see in Maple Glen, PA is the Robbins Park. What makes it more interesting than other parks is the daily load of people who stroll around it. It is also considered to house in a center for learning while having fun. You can opt to do different activities and programs that will not only supplement your knowledge but also the learning of your kids. Maple Glen, PA is not just a place; it can be home for you and your family in the coming years.


Andora Woods Park