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Montgomery County | Lafayette Hill

Find out more about Lafayette Hill Montgomery, PA 19444

If you are planning to find a new home for your family, then why not settle in Lafayette Hill, PA? There are many advantages in choosing Lafayette Hill, PA as your new home because not only does it houses a lot of hospitable and warm people, but it also is a place full of beautiful sceneries and a buzz with meaningful events. It is complete with all the necessary organizations and business enterprises that offer variety of services to cater to all your needs. All of the estates in the area in 19444 are certified to have the best quality in terms of service, structure and the likes.

Lafayette Hill, PA

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Homes for Sale in Lafayette Hill, PA


The homes for sale in Lafayette Hill, PA varies from single bed apartment types that you can own after fully paying the tab, to glamorous mansion type houses that can house more or less 10 people. Designs are never disappointing because they are all uniquely done and agencies or realtors see to it that everything are well maintained and polished to perfection. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the purchase and all the transaction processes and paper works because you only have to contact a realtor and they will do everything for you. There are many real estate brokers in Lafayette Hill, PA which will make everything easier for you.


Top Rated Schools in Lafayette, PA


If what bugs you is the quality of education for your kids, then you will be very glad to hear that Lafayette Hill, PA has schools that have high quality standards for elementary and middle school ages. The Whitemarsh Elementary School and the St. Philip Neri School are the two elementary schools that are located inside the area of Lafayette Hill, PA. They are both reviewed to give good teaching methods for the kids to retain what they have learned and foster independence and initiative among its students. There are also two middle schools that are located in the Lafayette Hill, PA area.

Whitemarsh Elementary School

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St. Philip Neri School

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Delicious Food Hubs and Restaurants in Lafayette Hill, PA


Sorrento’s restaurant in Lafayette Hill, PA is deemed to be the best eatery in the area. Everybody who has previously eaten in there has rated the food, services and the ambience to be excellent. Among all other restaurants, Sorrento’s is the most sought after. People can’t get enough of it and they keep on coming back. If you are a fan of Italian food, then this is your little haven in Lafayette Hill, PA. The second restaurant that is rated to be almost at par with it is Ye Olde Ale House Restaurant. The best thing about this food house is its atmosphere. It gives the customers that comfort that they are always looking for when eating outside of their homes, aside from the sumptuous dishes they serve.

Sorrento’s Restaurant

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Ye Olde Ale House Restaurant

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Hot Spots in Lafayette Hill, PA


ACE Conference Center is a recreational place that is located in the vicinity of Lafayette Hill, PA. There are many things to do in Lafayette Hill, PA that is inclusive in the package offers of the ACE center. You just have to register and inquire about their offers so that you can get the optimum benefits and can better enjoy your stay in Lafayette Hill, PA. The place is considered to be one of the must see places in Pennsylvania. Tourists are encourage to try and go to the ACE center in Lafayette Hill, PA whenever they are around town.

ACE Conference Center

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