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Montgomery County | Huntingdon Valley

Why Choose Huntingdon Valley

There are considerable reasons to weigh in deciding whether one should live in a remote rural and agricultural countryside or in an urbanized crowded metropolitan. But there is always a gray area of choosing to live in suburban communities. One of which is Huntingdon Valley in Pennsylvania, a suburban village where future residents might find more than enough reasons to stay. As every local resident who envisions a place to live for the most of one’s life – the needs of the children (education, belongingness), the kind of culture (art, food, tradition, lifestyle…) one adapts, and so on – three things ought to be considered: Education, Food, and Recreation Areas. These three factors can greatly help you make the perfect choice as to where to settle down and live with your family.


Huntingdon Valley, PA

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Schools in Huntingdon Valley, PA

In Huntingdon Valley, PA, education is not a problem. The presence of many school districts, comprising of schools ranging from preschool, elementary, middle school, to junior and senior high schools, traces precisely the educational development of children and teens that are living in the area. The senior high schools, all 8 of them, implements the K-12 educational system, which are equally divided into the private and public school sectors. The public schools, however, have greater enrolment numbers in all levels. In the elementary level, the Pine Road Elementary School at 3737 Pine Road, with 875 pupils attending, outnumbers the Rydal East and Murray Avenue School, all of which are public. The first two mentioned, however, no longer cater middle schoolers, thus placing Murray Avenue on the top spot for Middle Schools with 531 enrollees. The Lower Moreland High School, having 711 enrollees, creates a big difference with the private school Huntingdon Valley Christian Academy, having only 90 enrollees. The quality of education may not be determined by the number of students, but one should definitely think about its relevance in determining the consensus of the community’s choice on the educational environment.


Pine Road Elementary School

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Murray Avenue School

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Restaurants in Huntingdon Valley, PA

The variety of food choices in restaurants abundant in Huntingdon Valley, PA can reach international tastes, from American to Italian and Chinese cuisines, and, budget-wise, from Cheap Eats to Fine dining. Are you hungry for the classic Pennsylvanian Cheesesteak in all of its authenticity? Slack’s Hoagie Shack in nearby Springfield, PA is the top American restaurant in the place, which ranked 9th according to food reviews. For Italian food-lovers, Piero’s Restaurant at 3500 Reading Way proves to be just the one suited for the gusto Italiano in you. But if you’re in the mood for Asian cuisines and ambience, Asian Taste Inn in the marketplace at Huntingdon Valley 2160 County Line Road, serves tasty Chinese food in the place with its popular fresh sushi available all day. Moving further towards tasting the Asian style is the ranked #1 restaurant, White Elephant at 759 Huntingdon Pike, which serves the best Thai food “ever!!” according to reviews from food critics – make that a double exclamation and a must try whenever you are in the Huntingdon Valley, PA area.


Piero’s Italian Restaurant

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Asian Taste Inn

Asian Taste Inn Asian Taste Inn Dining room Tokyo roll

Asian Taste Inn Dining Room                  Tokyo Rolls


White Elephant Restaurant

white elephant logo thai ambienceCrying Tiger SaladPanang Curry with Chicken


White Elephant Logo                     Thai Ambience                                    Crying Tiger Salad             Panang Curry with Chicken


Things to do in Huntingdon Valley, PA

On a family or friends’ excursion, the Stone Valley Recreation Area is a fun place to experience some adventure. It is a certainly a getaway to Nature with style with 700 acres of diverse ecosystems. The place tracks 29 miles for park strolling, and is also an ideal place for hiking. Tables with barbecue grills are ideal set-ups for picnics. Organizations or institutions that might want to enhance leadership and team-building skills will find the vertical adventures of the place a perfect spot for learning in excitement; but what about winter? Sure! The place never gets out of season when the trails for strolling become an avenue for skiing. Soon, in 2015, the closed Lake Perez will reopen to accommodate activities such as boating and fishing. Head out here to understand why people are raring to buy homes for sale in Huntingdon Valley, PA.


Stone Valley Recreation Area

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