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Montgomery County | Hatboro

Hatboro, Pa: The Place to Be

Travelling gives all of us a glimpse of how and what the world looks like on the other side of the planet, or perhaps, state. It is always nice to see beautiful architecture and landmarks that we haven’t seen yet before and would totally blow our mind. And one of the best places to explore in the world is no other than the United States of America. Just imagine having to go on a tour and go sight seeing amidst 50 states, not to mention some of its territories, which are all amazing places.

And since we all love to travel, no matter what the season may be, then Hatboro, PA is definitely the place to be. You would be able to experience low key living in a county rich in history, the Arts and culture. It is also a good place to settle down, but still remain accessible to the bigger cities and states, like nearby New York. It is indeed a treasure throve of wonders since you will never run out of things to do in Hatboro, PA, or best places to eat.

hatboro map

welcome to Hatboro, PA   Kraft show

Welcome to Hatboro, PA                                               Annual Christmas Kraft Show

santa   cafe la fontana facade

Annual Hatboro Holiday Parade                                                      Best restaurants in Hatboro, PA         

Eventually, after having some time going through Hatboro, PA, you would come to the conclusion that it is one of the best places to settle down. Living here seems like a terrific idea. But no need to fret since various sites can give you not just an inkling, but a comprehensive list of homes for sale in Hatboro, PA area. There are all kinds of homes to choose from, so you would definitely be assured that you’d find one that suits your family.

Deciding to live in Hatboro, PA, your curiosity might be piqued as to what popular joints or restaurants could satiate your cravings for food, so we might as well take a look at some of the best restaurants in Hatboro, PA to know right away where to hit once hunger strikes.

  • Silvios’s Deli and Bakery makes people crazy with their bread, and the best Hoagies around, that are baked on site. The bread makes everything in their menu tastes so good. It also serves steaks, cheesesteaks, sandwiches and pizza among others, with its generous size, makes it the top place to try for an awesome food experience.

silvio's facade hoagie cheesesteak

Silvio’s facade                                              A hoagie                                                Cheesesteak with Provolone and fried onions

  • Nirvana Fusion offers international cuisines like Indian, Thai and Chinese and is the first to offer such in the Philadelphia area. The ambience will definitely take you to another place while being lulled by classy yet subdued Indian music in the background. The food is outstanding, especially its fusion foods.

nirvana fusion

  • Lochel’s Family Restaurant is the place to be for the best breakfast menu in town, and is now famously called as “Hatboro Dish”. It has a homey feel and offers the best diner experience to all.

hatboro dish facade   cheesesteak skillet

Hatboro Dish Facade                                                        Cheesesteak Breakfast Skillet

hatboro dish   steak and eggs

Hatboro Dish                                                                                            Steak and Eggs

  • Café La Fontana is an Italian restaurant and the perfect place for occasions or special gatherings. They are famous for their “Eggplant Parmigiana”, which lives up to its name and fame, and is moist, razor thin slices, and delectable tomato gravy that is perfectly spiced. Although it mostly serves Italian cuisines, other international dishes are also included in their menu. So, head to La Fontana Café whenever you are in Downtown, Hatboro.

platter   inside cafe   cafe-la-fontana

pizza   Cafe La Fontana - bar

There is still a long list of the best restaurants to visit when you’re in Hatboro, PA. And that is not the only good thing about this place since it is also better known for its love for the Arts and a rich culture. Come visit and fall in live with Hatboro.