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Montgomery County | Harleysville

Historic Harleysville Montgomery County, PA 19438

Are you a people person? Then it would not be so difficult for you to find a place to match your preferred taste in atmosphere. The only thing that you need to get a hold with is the facts about a place that will help you grow as a person and nourish not only your intellectual skills but also other aspects of your life. A good start for your search would be Pennsylvania. It is a state that houses a lot of historical remnants that are still known to man until today. To choose which of all the cities and towns is the best choice for you and your family, you need to carefully assess everything that is needed to be considered before making a bog and life changing decision. One of the many appealing places that you could move into is Harleysville, PA. It is more populated compared to other townships. This does not pose negativity to Harleysville, PA; but it rather promotes economic growth. Not only does the area focuses on the quality of living and the education that should be acquired by the young population, but they also put first what seems to be safer and profitable in terms of their cost of living, which is shown to be higher than the US average.

Harleysville, PA

harleysmap Harleysville-PA

Historical Memoirs in Harleysville, PA


A lot of festivals and other celebrations take place in Harleysville, PA. Those kinds of events are still commemorated until now, to represent what happened and what they are today because of that previous event. Some of these festivals are Heckler Fest on the 23rd of August, Jaycee’s Country Fair Days and Apple Butter Frolic. Not only the people in Harleysville, PA attend to these occasions but as well as foreign individuals join in and make a good word for them; in return promoting their image and place.

Heckler Fest

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Jaycee’s Country Fair Days

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Apple Butter Frolic

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Schools in Harleysville, PA


If you have children, then one of the most important things to consider are the schools that they can possibly attend to that can provide them with the best quality of education. Education is the key to a successful future, which is why most people make it a point for it to be their top consideration before choosing a home for their family. Souderton Area High School in Harleysville, PA is the highest ranked middle school. Compared to other schools, the SAHS have higher graduate percentage giving a high implication of feasibility on the curriculum and ways of teaching. Moreover, there are a lot of elementary schools in Harleysville, PA that have good impression to the public.

Souderton Area High School

south soud




The appreciation of the public to the arts of Harleysville, PA gave way to the molding of skillful artists. One of the most popular designer who came from Harleysville, PA is Dana McMulin, who made a big exterior mural that went out to the international scene. It can even be accessed for public viewing. This type of advancement is a result of their high allocation of funds to education. Arts is just one of the many courses that students may take there.

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The Montgomery Townhomes are found inside the premises of Harleysville, PA. You do not have to worry not getting the best lodging services while you are in the area because they are a top rated business company that strives to guarantee the satisfaction of the customers who are their main priority and focus.