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Montgomery County | West Norriton

Why You Should Choose West Norriton, PA

When William Penn’s son sold the Willemstad to Isaac Norris and William Trent, they agreed to convert the land into a township; which is why they came up with the Norriton Township. West Norriton, PA is the other division of the Norriton, PA townships.

West Norriton, PA

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West Norriton, PA is located in Norriton Township, with a total population of 15,663 and a land area of 5.86 square miles. Their economic development grew when their real estates in the market also increased because of the developments that occurred in the place. Numerous homes for sale in West Norriton, PA are bought every year since more and more people discover the beauty of living in such a serene yet equally exciting town in the midst of Pennsylvania.

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Wide Recreational Hubs in West Norriton, PA


West Norriton, PA has six parks that can be found all throughout the town, and all are highly maintained. Centennial Park, which is 13.5 acres, has 3 baseball fields, batting cages, softball fields, and a walking track, and is one of the go to place of most people in West Norriton, PA. Also, Jefferson Firehouse Recreation Site, which has 2 basketball courts, pavilion, playground and 4 tennis courts in their 3.5 acres park, is a famous recreational hub in the area. Then, there is Oxford Circle Park, where your children can freely roam around and play since it composes a large playground. The Tom Padden Park, an 8.5 acre of land with pavilion, 2 playgrounds, soccer kickboard, softball field and walking track, is also an attraction in West Norriton, PA. Squire Croft Park and Betzwood Park is the place for those who want to just play basketball and ride on the common swing set and seesaw.

Centennial Park


Jefferson Firehouse Recreation Site


Oxford Circle Park


Tom Padden Park


Squire Croft Park



Betzwood Park



On the other hand, if your family loves to play golf, West Norriton, PA also offers you one of the best golf clubs in Pennsylvania five miles to the west, the Jeffersonville Golf Club. You will surely love the setup and the ambience of the place. The scenery is to die for and the services are, of course, of high quality.

The Jeffersonville Golf Club

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Learning and Having Fun in West Norriton, PA


Not only does West Norriton, PA offer you lots of fun, but it also has areas that are very educational. Elmwood Park Zoo can be a very good place for you and your children to have a good time while making your kids learn about the ways of animals and the beauty of life. There is also a skating rink inside, which will surely make your kids squeal with excitement. This is how West Norriton, PA conveys the message of how you will never get bored if you choose to live in its vicinity.

Elmwood Park Zoo

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You can also access a public library in West Norriton, PA where your children can spend their leisure time by reading books that will enhance their knowledge and imagination. Aside from this kind of place for learning, there are also top rated schools in West Norriton, PA. Norristown Area School District serves Eastern Norristown, West Norriton and the other municipality of Norristown. It is comprised of 11 schools that encompasses all the elementary schools, middle schools, comprehensive schools as well as high schools in the area.


The Malvern School of West Norriton, PA can educate your children in the most creative of ways; that is why they are deemed to be one of the best schools in West Norriton, PA.

Malvern School of West Norriton, PA

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