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Montgomery County | Lower Moreland

Enjoy Living in Lower Moreland, PA

In the easternmost part of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Lower Moreland Township can be found.  Lower Moreland, PA is very much accommodating and will be more desirable as an upper middle income town for the home owner. Not only does it provide more comfort and easy access to schools but also to real estates that are built with finesse and maintained with regularly by broker agencies. Lower Moreland, PA will make your life ecstatically joyful with its surroundings and the people that are very accommodating.

Lower Moreland, PA

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Lower Moreland, PA Township Seal

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Lower Moreland, PA School System


Lower Moreland Township School District is the most popular public school in the Lower Moreland, PA area. There are also three other schools located in Lower Moreland, PA that serves as the source of education for all the children in Lower Moreland, PA as well as from those in neighboring townships. The Pine Road Elementary School is the top ranked school for the elementary level, as well as Murray Avenue School for middle schoolers, and lastly, the Lower Moreland High School.  So, if you live in Lower Moreland, PA, then you don’t have to worry for the education of your children. And organizations inside the area encourage the students to support non-profit organizations such THON; wherein students are united to raise money for their four diamond funds. These funds sponsor families that have children who suffer from cancer, so they will never have to worry about their child’s bill and to give them a chance to fight off the disease.

Pine Road Elementary School          Lower Moreland High School

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Parks and Recreation Areas in Lower Moreland, PA


One of the biggest and most popular parks in Lower Moreland, PA is located in Albidale; an area inside Lower Moreland, PA. It has 3 basketball courts, 3 baseball fields, 4 courts for tennis and a number of soccer fields. The park also has playgrounds that have complete play sets for children who are fond of activities that enhances their motor skills and imagination. Parents would love this kind of setting for their child because it is safe and simple fun that makes their kids childhood even more memorable.

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Ridgeway Park is also found in Lower Moreland, PA; specifically on Philmont Avenue. It has a softball field that contains a homerun fence and courts that are purposely placed for ball sports such as tennis, basketball and soccer.


The newest park in Lower Moreland Township is the Valley Center Park that consists of 31 acres of land for active and passive recreation. The area is now currently being developed. Elkin Field, another known park in Lower Moreland, PA, is also full of surprises. People near the area can go there and have fun without the hassle of having to drive for longer distances. It has 3 baseball fields and basketball courts for adults. The whole purpose of the park is to make kids and adult enjoy and appreciate what Lower Moreland, PA has to offer in terms of recreation and leisure. Moreover, these parks have their purpose that is more important for the sake of the lives of the people living in Lower Moreland, PA. It actually protects the citizen from floods.

Valley Center Park



Lower Moreland, PA can indeed offer you not only residential homes, but a town wherein you can enjoy yourself with the company of loved ones and friends. Have a home that you can call your own, as well as education that is active and enriching. Do not hesitate to inquire about homes for sale in Lower Moreland, PA to experience all these wonderful things this exciting township has to offer, and be welcomed by a community that you have been longing to live in.